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Xander- Anne Mercier

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Okay, so I have waited a long time for this book, and after reading it, I understand why it needed much time to be brought together. I have a special place in my heart for Xander especially, because he has such a big heart. He’s a lot like Lucy and I can now see why they gravitate to each other, they are care-givers. Always taking care of others and putting others before themselves. Tera in a way also resembles Lucy. That’s why Xander and Tera are perfect for each other, they balance each other relatively well. 

The book was pretty well written. When I read books, I pay attention to the littlest details. Reading through it first towards the ending I did get a little confused. But after reading that last part my confusion was clarified. 

This book definitely pulls on your heart strings and takes you on an emotional roller coaster, but that’s the beauty of this book. Its really different from the other books in the series thus far, and it reveals to us why Xander smiles so bright, cause he’s been through so much in his life. 

Amazing job Anne!! absolutely loved it, definitely a must read!

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