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I read a blog post from a very good friend of mine, and I was very heartbroken about what was written. I wrote her something and have added to it because I think others can benefit from it as well. 

To you, who may feel like you’re not good enough or worth something.
   Let me ask you; why is it that you’re feeling that way? What has got you to the point where you are ready to give up in your life?
  Let me tell you something important. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!
   You’re probably going through some things in life. You feel like you’re falling down more times than you are getting up. But I’m here to tell you, these bad times will not go on forever. It will get easier. You will overcome all these trials you’re facing. These hard times will make you stronger. 
  When you know your worth, no one can decrease your value because you know what is worth your time and energy. These things will take time. But it will be worth it in the end. 
  Don’t give up! Because there are many others waiting in the background to help you when you fall down. You just need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! I know it’s hard, but you can do it! You’re AMAZING person. You have SOOO MUCH POTENTIAL. 
  Don’t live your life for others because you are compromising the life YOU were meant to LIVE. Don’t base your self-value off of the opinions of others or how they treat you. It doesn’t matter who it is. You are NOT the problem. It has NOTHING to do with you. The real problem lies within themselves. Put YOURSELF before others and you’ll be sooo much happier, I promise. 
I pray that you will continue to find your true self in this world and all that it has to offer you. You see so much good in others, it’s time to start seeing the good in yourself. It’s not gonna be easy but the change you’ll see in yourself will be a huge difference. 
You have to go through all these trials because God is molding you to become the person he ultimately wants you to be. Keep being strong! Don’t give up, you never know who’s watching! ❤

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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