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Hey guys! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite memories. This picture was taken the summer of 2015. I had just graduated from high school and was blessed enough to go on a tour with my community choir. We landed in Milan, and spent the day browsing the city before heading out to Venice for our first show of the tour. This happens to be my favorite picture of all the pictures I have of Italy because it defined our time there. It was absolutely amazing, definitely crazy but so much fun. Our choir director, who just happens to be my aunt, paired us together with her daughter and son.The best decision she could’ve made if you asked me. She figured she wouldn’t have to worry about us as much because we were the older ones in the choir. But that was definitely not the case, you know the part about not having to worry so much about us.. we had gotten in trouble because we had lost our way while exploring the city of Venice and we were the last one to arrive at our meeting place. If I remember correctly we were about 20 minutes late for our meeting time and we almost missed our reservations for our chance at riding the gandolas. We were laughing so hard because there were 6 of us Polynesian’s, in this little boat and as we rode the canal through Venice we often felt like our boat guide struggled to push us. We also couldn’t help the fact that are boat laid lower in the water compared to other boats that passed us (we blame it on our Polynesian heaviness lol). It was just so beautiful to experience and it happened to be so much more than I anticipated. I loved every single moment of it. I definitely plan to make a visit back to Italy, which has captured my heart.

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