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Hey everyone!! It’s Ness, and I’m back this week with a short blog about The Vault Dance Studio. I found out about the dance studio from a blogger I followed on IG. Her name is Tia Stokes (@thetiabeestokes on IG)  and she is the owner of this studio. I attended a couple of her adult hip hop classes and absolutely fell in love. I can tell you right now that you will not experience any other dance class like this. It’s all about positive affirmations, with a no judgement zone, where you can grow confident regardless if you can dance or not.

I am not a choreographed hip hop dancer at all, but the support and camaraderie I feel each and every time I attend class has been a life changer. I get to be in a place that I can just be me and let loose. I can dance and be surrounded by people who enjoy dancing as much as I do. But the real blessing in this studio is the meaning behind it. The Vault Dance Studio is not a competitive studio, but they dance for a cause. Each semester a family in need is chosen to be the benefactor of the proceeds that are raised with each concert. How amazing is that! Being a part of a group that is nothing but love and positivity that emphasizes the important of service!

I am fortunate enough to play a role in this studio as a dance instructor for the hula classes offered. It’s always been my dream to teach dance in a studio and I have this blessed opportunity to do so. But it does not come without its trials. When I tell you my life has been falling apart. I am not kidding, I’ve been having issues with feeling comfortable enough to stay in my apartment, bills coming out of nowhere, just feeling like I’ve lost control of things and not seeing a solution insight. I was so down for the past month a half I was struggling to pull myself out of the depressive episodes. I was ready to give up because I felt like I couldn’t overcome my problems, I almost gave up the opportunity to be involved with The Vault. Heck, if I’m being honest I’m still not sure about things, but I guess I have to have faith that things will work out. One of my good friends told me a couple of days ago “Nessa, dancing seems to be the only good thing in your life besides family, I think you should keep dancing.” And she was absolutely right, after dance practices/classes I feel so much better. I encourage those in the St. George or Utah County areas to take a class and experience for yourself how dancing at The Vault will change your life.

Join us at The Vault with your first class free! Wishing you nothing but love and light this week!

               – Ness❤️

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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