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The Power of Prayer

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Often times we can never accept that a small prayer can make a worlds difference in any given situation. We struggle with the answer to our problems being “to pray about it”.

Sometimes we struggle with feeling “worthy” of saying prayers. Or we’re constantly wondering if our prayers are even being heard.

I know. Trust me I’ve been there, time and time again.

In my experiences, God has a way of reminding us He hears our prayers. Sometimes I feel like He lets me stir in my mess and when I finally acknowledge that I might need His guidance or just His presence that’s when I can recognize His hand.

Recently my family and I faced a trial that we weren’t sure how to get through. The only thing I knew was God was going to get us through it. I had faith in Him that He would provide a way for my family. So I prayed every morning and every night this passed week that my family was going to be okay and everything was going to work out. And by His grace, it did. But faith without works is dead.   ( James 2:17) Not only did we have to put our faith in Heavenly Father but we had to also assist him with the work.

When my prayers are answered, I will never get over the feeling of amazement. The feeling of love and comfort that fills me. It surrounds me and reassures me that I’m not only a daughter of God, but I am loved and always in His sight even if I don’t feel it.

My favorite story to share about prayer is when I was going through a rough patch one particular semester. It was nearing the holidays and for someone who is very close with family it was hard for me to be away from them. So for three months I prayed and fasted for the same thing, that I’d be comforted and persevere throughout the rest of the summer. At that point I was ready to just give up and move back to Hawaii. But I reminded myself of my goals in life and why I was away from them in the first place. One Sunday, when my roommates and I got home from church I went into my room to open my fast. And as I got ready to kneel for prayer there was a knock on the door.

At first I didn’t think too much by it.  I knew it couldn’t have been for me because I wasn’t expecting anyone and my family would usually text or call if they were dropping by. I was still in my room when my roommate called out it was for me. When I came to the door one of the guys in our ward was waiting for me. When I greeted him he told me “ I wanted to give this to you. It’s from when I left my mission.” It was a kukui nut lei. A symbol and reminder of my home.

In that moment, I was once again reminded of how mindful God is of me. He answered my prayers through the actions of another. For that, I will always be grateful. I always look back at the experience to remind myself no matter how far I think I’ve gone,  I will always be close through prayer. I will never be “unworthy” of saying a prayer.

And sometimes it really is that simple to just a prayer.

– Ness?


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