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The Girl in seat 24B – Jennifer Peel

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First book blog post goes to Ms Jennifer Peel for her book The Girl in seat 24B.

I love this book so much. It takes you through so many emotions and it was just so beautifully written I am constantly rereading this book! I love how it shows Carly gaining her strength after holding out for hope that she’d get through her situation. I really love how Ms Peel shows how Carly adjusts to her situations and makes the best out of it. I am the type of person who loves when women find their strength and make their men grovel for all they’ve been through aha it’s just who I am, I wish she had held out a little longer (lol) but she definitely doesn’t make it easy for her husband to back track. I definitely felt that Carly didn’t know how to be an individual person because she did get married young and she was looking for stability. I love that she found who she was going through this trial no matter how hard it was for her. This book has so many lessons we can learn from and it’s so amazing. I definitely feel that it is a must read !! ❤️

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