The date that wasn’t a “date”

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Let me tell you guys about the date that wasn’t a “date”. But first let me tell you a little bit about the guy.

I met Harry one night when the fire alarm for our apartment building went off. Typically I would wait out the alarms, but it continued to go on for a lot longer than it usually does, so I took that as a sign I should probably exit the building. He made a comment about how he had heard at this apartment complex the fire alarms go off relatively often, I could definitely agree as it was the third time in two weeks. We made small talk while we waited to proceed back inside. He told me he  had just moved into the building and we realized we’d be in the same ward. Ever since our first conversation every time he would see me he would always make it a point to say hi to me. (Which I absolutely loved.)

My first impression was he was really handsome and tall. Things were going to get a little bit interesting.

The more I talked with him the more I learned about him. He’s super smart and for me, it was actually intimidating. He liked to have deep conversations about aerodynamics and black holes while I’m more of a history buff. He played rugby in high school, which played a big role in majority of our conversations because I was finally able to watch my brother play rugby for a tournament here in Utah. As I watched the rugby games, I really didn’t understand what was going on but as Harry was able to answer my questions and help me understand a little bit more. That’s when I found out he was going to Pilot school to get his flying license. I eagerly asked him if he would take me flying and to my surprise he said yes!

Two days after I returned from my trip back home to Hawaii we went flying.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I had asked to go flying because I was not expecting the plane to be that small, I about had a panic attack. Just like 747’s the take off was a little nerve wrecking for me. I could not tell if my heart was in my throat or my stomach. Although, it was super cool seeing things from a different perspective. I had so much fun flying over Utah county, Harry even chose the perfect time for us to go up just as the sun was setting over the lake, getting to see that view was my favorite part. To think people get to experience the beautiful view from the skies while doing their job is pretty amazing. The more exciting part was I got to fly the plane! Not going to lie, I was super scared I even refused to fly it but he wouldn’t let me refuse. Guys, the view was so breathtaking. It was a lot to take in and enjoy, but it was so AMAZING.

After we were up in the air for about 45 mins we got some food, my treat because I wanted to thank him for taking me flying. As we were eating we talked about families, relationships and such. We continued our conversation as we were on our way home and I mentioned how I’ve never been on a date. As we discussed the definition of a “date”, He asked me what did I think we were doing. I replied back that I thought we were just hanging out. I wish you guys could have seen his face. He was taken back but proceeded to argue that we had just gone on a date. I laughed then entire time cause I didn’t think much of it but, Harry then says “technically we just went on a date. And I’m honored to have been your first date. I’ve set the bar a bit high but that’s how you know the guy will be worth it. Don’t settle for anything less than your worth.” (talk about swooning)

So now you’re probably wondering like “girl how do you not consider this a date?” Well first of all, guys I’m a little traditional! I strongly believe in guys asking girls on dates, but also if a girl asks that’s okay too. But I believe in both parties agreeing beforehand that it is indeed a date. I didn’t want to call it a date because he established after the fact, that what we did was technically considered a date. Does it sound bad if I say I’d like to avoid calling it a date out of pity. Like a pity date because at 21, I had never been on a date? Maybe I’m being a little picky about it, but to me it matters just a bit. It could also be because after this “date” he asked my roommate on a date.. I wasn’t upset about Harry asking my roommate on a date,  I was a little bit annoyed he actually asked her. Whereas our “date” was more of an afterthought. Does that make sense? My advice just make sure you’re both on the same page about whether or not you’re on an actual date and not call it a date out of pity LOL

– Nessa

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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