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The Cranberry Inn Series – Beth Ehemann

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“Jump into puddles with me.” – Brody Murphy, Room for you 

      I happened to come across this book by chance and let me tell you it did not disappoint me! This series is about how a single mom of twin girls was able to find the Happily Ever After she longed for. Its funny, sweet and the romance is absolutely beautiful. 

     Kacie Jensen,in addition to being a single mom, is going to nursing school. She is a planner and likes to have control over things. Brody Murphy is the EXACT opposite of Kacie.. and like they say opposites attract. 

     Brody is a Pro Hockey player, has little experience with kids and is very spontaneous. Their chance meeting spirals into such an amazingly written story. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me, have no doubt you will be swooning. As the series evolves you see the relationship bond between not only Kacie and Brody grow and be strengthened, but also the relationship bonds between Brody and Kacie’s family. He made me fall in love with him because of the love he had for Kacie’s daughters. He loved them like they were his own kids. (swoon)

     It’s  not all smooth sailing for this couple but what relationship is smooth sailing all the time? Brody shows us a great example of how to love a girl that has insecurities. Brody loves Kacie so much he helped her work through insecurities He shows us examples of the effects loving someone so much that when they hurt, you hurt. They both are so selfless, always taking care of those around them. That’s one of my favorite things about them. When they have problems they talk it out, they carve time out for each other and most of all they cherish the love they have for one another. 

    This series is definitely not your typical Single mom/ second chance romance. It’s such an amazing story to read and I encourage all my hopeless romantic readers to give it a read if you have not done so already. I’ve honestly learned so many things based off these books and I am definitely not ashamed to say so. Go ahead and take a chance! Jump into the puddles with Kacie & Brody in their story; written by the amazing Beth Ehemann! 

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