• My life

    10 Things I am Grateful for today

    It’s a really weird time for all of us and I know our spirits have been wavering lately. I decided to share 10 things I am grateful for today. It’s easy to focus on the negativity of life but how…

  • My life

    10 ways to win my heart ❤️

    Happy blog day! Week two of self distancing and I finally went out yesterday. It was great to get out but I was a little disheartened at what I saw. The only way we’ll control the spread of the virus…

  • Travelling

    NǏ HǍO MA?

    My first trip out of the county was definitely one to remember. I was fortunate enough to visit the country of China as my first choir tour. Although it was a lot different from what I was used to or…

  • My life


    On Friday, my two friends and I got into a car accident. We were headed east in Salt Lake City and we were about to pull into a parking stall off to the side of street. There was a crunch…

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