Stocking Stuffers under $20 that you need!

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Stuffing stocking time!

Happy first of December, It’s stuffing stocking time! Now I know most of the time the stockings are stuffed with candy. While that is pretty exciting and yummy but why not switch it up this year? Let’s take a look at some stocking stuffers under $20 that you need!

Stocking stuffers under $20

For Her

While those lotion and perfume sets are cute this year calls for something different! I would definitely recommend thinking on a broader range. For the ladies facial masks are always a good choice for a stocking stuffer. This year has been stressful and self care has been the forefront of things counterattacking the affects of the pandemic. While it won’t solve all the problems you may be facing it will cheer you up and give you glowing skin! I absolutely love Cala facial sheet masks because it leaves my face feeling tight and fresh!

For Him

Shopping for women (in my opinion) is a lot easier than shopping for men. As I was contemplating what I could put in my brother’s stocking I became slightly frustrated. Hence I had to do a little looking around and researching. Which then helped me put together the small list above to give us a starting point! When thinking of men stocking stuffers I figured going with things they might need daily was the safest bet.

For the Kids

Now for the stuff! Kids are a whole lot easier to shop for because you can throw in some educational games and such and they’ll love it! Keeping in mind that stocking stuffers are supposed to be on the smaller side we can creative. So we throw in some toys, art supplies, games and useful things. My oldest nephew loves his reusable straws and I think it would make a great stocking stuffer. Mix and match their favorites and you will be GOLDEN!

Ready, Set, GO!

Now that we’ve got some ideas to work with it’s time to start gathering our stocking stuffers. I am so excited that I was able to put this post together not only to help you but for myself as well. As I get older I realized I don’t want to rely on candy for the stocking so it was imperative for me to really think long and hard at what I could get. With this post now complete I can now be stress free and happy that I have some direction to work with.

Stocking stuffers are only hard if we make it hard. Now with this post we can say it won’t be hard this year! I’ve already started gathering my stocking stuffers and I am so EXCITED that it won’t be loads and loads of candies. Maybe just a little bit but not a lot! With this post to guide you I hope you enjoy stuffing your stockings as much as I do!

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