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Self Care

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Self care we’ve all heard about it. So let’s break it down. What is it to me? How do I practice self care and why is it important.

When I think of self care I think it consist of various aspects. You have the physical aspect, the mental aspect, emotional aspect and spiritual aspects. Devoting time to strengthen each aspect is important to me because it helps balances out my life. I could focus on certain areas if I wanted to but I would feel as though I am not complete. I know most people consider face masks and getting your hair and nails done as self care, which don’t get me wrong are definitely ways to exercise those self care routines, but there’s more to it. When I think of self care I think about the people around me, how I carry myself, I look at what types of things I indulge in, what am I tolerating and how am I living in a positive light.

Taking care of the physical aspects of your body is just as important as the mental and emotional aspects. Finding that healthy balance is essential in my opinion with regards to self care. Doing some sort of physical activity that keeps your body healthy is one way to practice self care. Making sure you are eating healthy, fueling your body with the right types of food. Taking time to meditate and relax your mind will help the mental and emotional aspects. Keeping good company can also have an affect in your self care. You’re probably wondering why, but let’s take a moment to think about this, when you have friends or family who are constantly complaining, or always being negative it gets exhausting trying to counter their negativity right? Limiting time with them will help you keep sane! And I say this with so much love, because I often have people like that in my life, and I’m always emotionally drained trying to keep up with them and then I find I have to take some time to take a deep breath and strive to not let their problems or insecurities affect me. I’ve learned that distancing myself from them and limiting my interactions with them benefits me in a way that doesn’t hinder me and my growth. When it comes the spiritual aspect I like to look at things that uplift me, I am very “quote happy” person, finding quotes that I can relate to or quotes that helps expand my mind are my favorite. They help me realize how far in life I can go, they give me the motivation and inspiration I need to get through hard times.

My self care routine always involves me time. I love just spending time by myself alone with my thoughts because I am able to process things a lot better. I’m not being interrupted by others, my focus is solely on me. Taking that time to process my thoughts helps me analyze my  reactions and responses to different situations and sometimes people. Whereas years ago, I would waste my breath trying to justify or reason or explain myself to others, now  I take sometime to step back look at this situation and see what the best solution is for me that will not disturb my peace. I’ve fallen in love with doing my own thing, I can’t help but encourage others to take a bit of the happiness and experience it for themselves. I dance for my physical aspect of self care. This is how I am able to physically work out my frustrations or sweat out the negative thoughts. I do also take part in doing a face masks here and there, or doing a hair treatment because it relaxes me. I read to help relax my mind. Focusing on storylines helps me escapes the trials in life but sometimes they also help me develop ways to handle my problems. I curl up in my bed and watch my favorite movies when I feel like it. But I also, try and dedicate time to see how I can become a better person. I take the time to reflect and recognize my weaknesses and try to put together a plan of action of how I can do better. Basically my self care routine revolves around how to uplift myself in each aspect, helps me develop better as a person and assists me in giving my mind and brain time to relax and decompress.

Self care is imperative for everyone because this is how you keep yourself rejuvenated. When you do not take the time to take care of yourself you become burnt out, you lose motivation and it makes you unhappy. Dedicating time to recharge your batteries helps you relax and de-stress. In my case when I don’t take the time to care of myself I get sick, and being sick is no fun! I encourage you all to make time to have a self care day, or do little self care routines each day to help you stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These self care moments will go a longer way than you may think. Take those 5 minutes to take a deep breath, remind yourself how amazing you are and work your way up! Make that time to plan how you will best benefit in your self care routine. Just remember “you cannot pour from an empty cup!” Self care is not selfish, because really the only one taking care of you, is YOU!

Sending all my love and positive vibes to you?


24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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