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Hi guys! I’m really excited to have you all here, thank you for making the time for me, how are you guys doing today?? Lucy smiles. “We’re great. Thanks for having us.”

I’m really excited to just pick your brains a bit and just get to know your guys more on a personal level. So let’s begin shall we?

How do you guys like having the kids around? Lucy and Jesse look at the others. Kennedy shrugs. “I do. They’re entertaining.” Ethan nods. “They keep us on our toes, that’s for sure.”

Who is the baby whisperer in the group? Jesse chuckles. “Xander, hands down. I don’t know how he does it, but he can get the kids to behave or stop crying with just a few words.” Jesse shakes his head.

Who do the kids gravitate to? Lucy smirks. “Xander, again. Probably because he’s so silly with them.” Xander grins. “Hell yes, I am.”

Is Miss Kierah still using nana Russos mojo ?? Lucy frowns now. “No. Nana did something to suppress the mojo until she’s old enough to use it properly… you know, not against her mother.” Jesse rubs Lucy’s back.

What are the babies personalities like?? “Outgoing. They each have their own interests and mannerisms,” Jesse answers.

Do they get along? “For the most part,” Jesse begins, “Unless they’re fighting over a toy or something. There is nothing fun about when they fight,” Lucy shudders.

Out of the boys, who is the mama’s boy?? “Konnor,” Lucy begins. “Definitely Konnor. He’s also the most sensitive out of them all.”

Who spoils the kids the most? Everyone turns to Xander and at the same time says, “Xander.” Xander laughs.

Jace & Summer how is the wedding planning going ? Summer groans. “Don’t get me started. I’ve decided to just hand it over to Mama Russo since she guilts me into changing things to her liking, so she can just plan it all.” Jace winces.

Is Kadi still dancing? “Yep. She’s something else. I love that she takes after her mom in that sense. I can’t imagine her ever not dancing,” Jace replies.

Am I crazy or do all the kids names start with K? Aha. They all look at each other. “Jesse and I kind of planned it that way,” Lucy says. “Kadi was just an added bonus.” Everyone mutters their agreement.

Cage and Sera how are you guys? “We’re good,” Sera replies.

I just have to know, are we expecting a Nichols baby any time soon? Sera looks at Cage who looks at her. She smirks. “We’re not rushing. If it happens, it happens. There’s no timeline.”

How’s the married life treating you? Sera nudges Cage. “Good.” Sera rolls her eyes. “Perfect. We’re not just husband and wife, we’re also best friends. I trust him with my life and I know he trusts me with his.”

What are you guys favorite things to do? “When we get time away from work and la Famiglia, we like to watch movies or read books. Something quiet and private with just the two of us,” Sera answers.

Xander and Tera you guys are absolutely beautiful together. It’s nice seeing Xander smile a real smile. What’s going on with you guys? “We’re working it all out,” Tera replies. “It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll get there.”

Tera, how are you getting along with the other women in this big family? “I think pretty well. I didn’t wait. When I got there, I knew they were going to be upset. So after Xander told them his part of things, I immediately told them mine. I believe it’s better to play it straight and lay it all out there, then they can draw their own conclusions,” Tera replies.

Name a song that represents your relationship. “A Thousand Years by Christina Perri,” Xander answers without hesitation. Tera nods her agreement. “It fits us perfectly.”

Jesse and Lucy what’s a normal day with the babies in CFD like? Lucy laughs. “Craziness. Chaos. Insanity. But I love every minute of it.”

Lucy, do you still get overwhelmed ? “Yes,” she admits. “Sometimes I feel like I need six more arms and even then it wouldn’t be enough. Going from no children to four has taken a while to adjust to, and as they grow older and learn new things, we have to adjust again.” Lucy looks at Jesse who gently squeezes her hand. “We just do our best to be the best parents we can be.”

Jesse when Lucy gets into one of her moods what do you to help her feel better? “I just hold her and listen, try and soothe her as best as I can. I remind her she’s not the only one who gets overwhelmed, and that’s why we need to lean on one another. I don’t want her to feel she has to take all of that on by herself. If holding her doesn’t work, I fuck her until she can’t think anymore. That usually works,” Jesse smirks and Lucy laughs.

Meg and Trace can we expect a wedding soon? Trace looks panicked. “Uh…” I’m just kidding no pressure! Trace visibly relaxes.

How do you guys spend your days when you’re not doing anything band related? Hiking, Hanging at the beach. Swimming. Go to the gym. Shooting at the range so one day I can show up Sera,” Meggie teases. “Some days we just do nothing.”

Ben and Coley, It’s so lovely to see you both, especially Nicole. How are you feeling? Nicole smiles. “I’m feeling well. My blood work keeps coming back in the good ranges and that alone is a reason to smile.”

What’s been going on with the both of you? “We’re looking into adopting two children. They’re brother and sister and their lives haven’t been good. You’ll find out more as soon as we know more,” Ben explains.

If you guys could live anywhere, where would it be and why? “Right where we are. I can’t imagine not being around family,” Nicole admits. “I lived without much family my entire life. Our home is full of love and fun. It’s a great place to live.”

So we got through the couples, and boy did I not realize how many couples we have aha, okay so that leaves Kennedy and Ethan. Ethan and Kennedy look at one another.

How are you guys doing being the only bachelors left ? Aha “I think if Lucy could marry us off, she would,” Kennedy says. “She tries to match make but it doesn’t work. She has no idea what our types are.”

Ethan nods in agreement. “It’s better that way.”

With all these couples and kids around does it ever get overwhelming having so many people around ? Ethan shakes his head. “Nah. We’ve always had our group so adding some more is cool. I’m not a fan of silence.”

What’s your guys favorite movie? “Superhero movies. Iron Man. Superman.” Ethan looks at Cage who smirks. “Batman. Suicide Squad. Though I don’t like Spiderman. I’m looking forward to Justice League.”

“Action films,” Kennedy announces. “Die Hard. The Accountant. Déjà vu. Anything that has action and a bit of mystery to the plot. I love that shit.”

Ethan rolls his eyes. “He usually guesses who the bad guy is in the beginning of the movie and the fucker’s always right. Way to ruin a movie, man.”

Kennedy shrugs.

Before we finish off and let you guys go, just a couple of more questions open to anyone.

What are your favorite memories of the babies? “When Kierah threw a fist full of carrots at Xander,” Lucy says with a laugh. “Hilarious.”

Which couple would you say is the kinkiest? 😉 “Jesse and Lucy,” everyone says at the same time. Jesse and Lucy look at one another and grin.

For the girls, out of all the guys who do you think is the romantic? “Cage,” Meggie says. “He’s always doing something sweet and romantic for or with Sera. It’s so lovely.”

Guys with girls : what are 3 things you like about the other – physical and non physical

Lucy: “Jesse loves me completely. He is always there for me. He can sex me up like nobody’s business.”

Jesse: “Lucy makes me feel whole. She’s always got the answer when I’m not sure about something. She is as kinky as I am.”

Meggie: “Trace’s kind of alpha caveman. It’s hot. He gets up before me and brings me coffee in bed. He enjoys doing the same things I do.”

Trace: “Meggie’s beautiful and sexy. I can talk to her about anything without judgment. She loves music as much as I do.”

Jace: “Summer’s nurturing. She doesn’t take anyone’s shit. She loves every part of me.”

Summer: “Jace puts the toilet seat down after he pees. He knows how to cook. He

knows how to love me without stifling me.”

Nicole: “Ben seems to know what I want before I even say it. He loved me at my weakest and at my strongest. He supports me in everything I do or want to do.”

Ben: “She never holds anything back from me. She loves me even when I’m a dumbass. She didn’t bang Lucien.”

Sera: “Cage loves and understands me like no one ever has. He loves me fiercely. He’s Batman.”

Cage: “Sera’s the strongest woman I’ve ever met. She trusts me with her heart. She thinks I’m a superhero.”

Tera: “Xander never gave up on me, even in the worst of times. He’s fun and goofy. He loves everything about me.”

Xander: “Tera waited for me. She’s not afraid to do what she needs to do for herself as well as for others. I admire that. She’s as fun and goofy as I am.”

Last one, will you guys sing an R&B song for me? “Hell yeah,” Xan announces. “We’ll come up with something sexy for you.” Xander wiggles his eyebrows.

Thank you guys so much for being here with me! I had so much fun interviewing you guys and getting to know you better. I hope you guys have a great rest of your day!

“Thank you so much for having us!” Lucy replies. “It was definitely our pleasure.”

Everyone murmurs their agreement and start filing out of the room.

“Yo, Cage dude,” Xan says.

Cage looks at him and lifts a brow.

“Can I borrow your cape sometime?”

Without hesitation, Cage answers, “No,” and keeps on walking while Xan tries to talk him into it.

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