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Princess and No Frog 2019

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Aloha! If you’re just joining me on my blogging journey, I’d like to personally welcome you to The SassiNess Blog! My name is Ness, I am 22 years old. I live in Utah, but was born and raised in Hawaii.  I teach Polynesian dancing and I love to read! I hope you’ll continue to stick with me as I blog my way through life?

About three weeks ago I decided I was going to take a quick trip to New Orleans, Louisiana for my nephew’s second birthday. With this quick decision, different ideas of what I wanted to come to do while visiting. So in this post I will take recount the amazing time I had with my family.

My brother and I decided to surprise our mom and sisters with his presence. After telling them a last minute project came up for him and that he wouldn’t be able to make the trip, he really just wanted to surprise them. We flew into New Orleans on Friday night. Because our connecting flight was delayed by an hour and a half, as soon as we got to my older sister’s place we winded down for the night to get ready for our Saturday.

As we ate breakfast Saturday morning, we were debating on what to do. Our options were the zoo or the aquarium. My siblings and I really wanted to take my nephew to the zoo, so the Audubon Zoo it was. Standing in line as the gates open, we start our day at the Zoo in the South Asia Exhibit. As we walked around the different exhibits, watching my nephew’s face as he takes in the different animals was the highlight of the trip. He was just so stinking cute in the excitement he was feeling, especially when he was able to feed the ducks and turtles in the South America exhibit. Three hours walking around in the zoo had us very hot and definitely tired. We couldn’t wait to escape the heat in favor the cool A/C of the house. ( I have a video on my IGTV of our day at the zoo, link to my instagram will be posted at the bottom.)

After getting back to the house, we rested for a bit before we began our preparations for Koa’s party. As my sister and I ran around doing the last bit of shopping we needed, I was reminded how much I absolutely miss being around my siblings. The many jokes we have, our goofiness and just being in their company was exactly what I needed.

Sunday morning we continued with the last of our preparations. As we headed to the park, the humid weather was really hitting me hard. I was drenched in sweat just walking outside the house! The party began, music was playing and the food was ready to eat. We played with water guns and water balloons and Koa even received a Paw Patrol inflatable ball that shoots out water when hooked up to the hose. After being quite tired (if I’m being honest) of feeling really hot and sticky, I joined the little kids in playing with the sprinkler ball to cool me down. Let me just say the cold water felt GREAT. As a family we had such a fun time celebrating my nephew’s birthday and just being with each other once again. There’s nothing better than family time.

I blame the fatigue on the heat because it was no joke! All I wanted to do was sleep! But unfortunately that didn’t happened and on Monday we set out to explore the fascinating city of New Orleans. If you are familiar with the TV show The Originals which takes place in The French Quarter of New Orleans. I was desperate and excited to wander and try and connect with the show. (I’m a dork, I am very aware of that lol) As we wandered the French Quarter I was in awe being surrounded by the rich history of such a unique place. The people, the food, and the culture is very special and definitely one of a kind. We took a stroll through the French Market that was pretty cool as well. If you know me well, you know I am obesessed with The New Orleans Saints football team. They’re my favorite team in the NFL and being in their home city was very special to me because they love this team just as much as I do. To make my trip memorable I bought a key chain with the fleur de lis which is the Saints logo.

  Tuesday and Wednesday were more laid back. We took Koa to the park and had crawfish, gumbo and

snowballs for lunch. Although I do like a good productive day those chill days were my favorite because we could just be together and not be on-the-go so much.

I entitled the post as Princess and No Frog because I really felt like I was in The Princess and the Frog movie. Although there was no prince/frog, the voodoo man and mama oldie. It still felt pretty dang magical. Ever since I watched the movie, I longed to try some beignets, and when I finally did I fell in LOVE with them. I loved them soo much, I had beignets three days in a row. I mean, what can I say it was all a part of the experience.

All in all, the quick trip was much needed for me. I am so happy I was able to be around my family for those few days but I do not miss the hot humid yuckiness (gross) at all! I definitely hope to visit again to explore even more and preferably catch a Saints game. Until then, I definitely recommend visiting the beautiful city of New Orleans to experience it’s incredible culture for yourself!

                                                     Much love and light to you all❤


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24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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