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My first trip out of the county was definitely one to remember. I was fortunate enough to visit the country of China as my first choir tour. Although it was a lot different from what I was used to or what I expected, it was truly amazing to see the different aspects of this country. We performed on the Great Wall and let me tell you, it was one of my FAVORITE memories of this tour. Being able to share our songs and dances with those people who were walking the wall is something I’ll always remember. We were able to tour the summer palace and again let me tell you absolutely breathtaking. Can you imagine walking and touring around a place with such rich history? It was the summer of 2012, right before going into my sophomore year of high school,I was able to go and visit a place we learn about in our history books. I think being able to physically visit these places helped me understand a lot more when I studied about China in World History that year. I was able to make that connection and use it in my studies. And let me just say that the Olympic Village was SUPER COOL.We had so many things we were doing outside of rehearsals and performances that taking in each new place and piece of information was like a never-ending whirlwind. There was so much going on and so much to experience, till this day I am still in disbelief of having been to China and for a choir tour no less. Honestly there were so many great memories of this tour but my favorite one would be our boat ride down the canal in Hong Kong. On one side of the canal you can see the classic vintage china with the older building, then you cross over to the other side of the canal and see the modern day buildings. Just cruising down that canal with no cares in the world was amazing.

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