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Often times I get asked the question “why did you start blogging?” I’ve shared this multiple times on my Instagram that it started with two of my younger cousins. Any time I could visit with them they’d ask me countless questions and tried to persuade me to start blogging because according to them “I had words worth sharing.” I’ve always been pretty decent went it comes to writing and I know I’ve had some experiences I want to share with others. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense to me. So I took a leap of faith and started my journey about 3 years ago.Now most people associate blogging with making money and as of right now I am currently not blogging for money and I’m not sure I’ll ever take that route.

 As nice as it sounds there are a lot of logistics that are behind the scenes of blogging. Constant advertising, constantly worried about numbers and followers, and so much more. At first it was very appealing to me, making money by postings blogs and not have to solely rely on a 9-5 job, but then the reality of it hit me. I’m not saying the hard work scared me but when I was so focused on trying to get more followers on my blog and Instagram, trying to get more visitors to my pages the less I actually care about actually blogging. I lost sight of what I really wanted to do which was reach those people who needed to hear my words. When I was so focused on how I could expand my platforms blogging became a chore I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. I was disappointed that I wasn’t seeing the instant success many people think of when it comes to blogging. I love the simplicity of just writing about a topic or sharing my experiences and letting whoever it comes across my blog read and hopefully enjoy it. When I stopped worrying about the engagements and stats of my blog I learned that I’m okay with not making money from blogging. But if an opportunity presents itself I might just make an exception.

I blog to share myself as authentically as I possible can. I’ve always been a private person, the type that only revealed as much as I want someone to know. I’ve kept walls up all my life and now I realized how it affects me as an adult. As I blog, I’m creating myself and going on a journey to become the best version of myself. Blogging has become an outlet for me to express my feelings almost like a journal entry I can share with others. It’s become enjoyable for me and I like being able to call myself a “blogger” no matter how big my audience is. Just like when I dance, I am sharing myself in a way with other, with blogging I can share myself with my words.

I blog for myself. To have something to do every Tuesday. To participate in a community that I can share my enjoyment of writing with. I meet new people from blogging, I get to read their stories and watch their journey’s. I can be a part of world that others look for and might be the inspiration that they may need.



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24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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