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My Favorite Inspirational Quotes

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I’m a pretty sentimental person and I like to think I find inspiration in a lot of different ways. So here are some of my favorite quotes that help me get through the difficult times but remind me of who I am?

1.  I found this quote as I was looking for a senior quote for the year book. Once I found it, I fell in love with it because it spoke to my soul. Reassuring me that no matter what path I took, if I want to achieve my goals, one way or another I was going to get there.

2. I can’t remember where exactly I heard this quote “there’s no growth in the comfort zone. And there no comfort in the growth zone.” It resonated deep within my mind constantly reminding me that if I am complacent in life, I am not growing.

3. Self worth is such a big topic for me. It was actually one of the very first topics I ever blogged about and it’s helped me understand that self worth is not connected to what others think of you, but what you think of yourself. It’s not being arrogant or cocky, it’s being confident. It’s truly loving who you are and not letting anyone take control of it. Knowing your worth will help you decide what deserves your time.

4. You know those days when you’re looking for a sign to do better, be better and to push on. This is that this next quote does for me. You can apply to any situation if you really think about, but the specifics listed are just as good. When you can control aspects in your life, take that control and use it. Don’t let yourself be hindered. 

5.  Lastly, I’d like to share this quote that always happens to help me adjust my perspective in times of adversities. I find myself with the constant thought that I am always going through some type of trial. I feel often that the hits are constantly coming and I don’t have enough time to catch my breath but then I read this quote and it comforts me in a way that all the challenges I face will contribute to the success that lays ahead for me. 

 My purpose in sharing some of my favorite inspirational quotes is to pass on the words you may need to hear or share with someone else. When I apply these quotes to my life and put actions to the words it creates this new world for me so to speak. My attitude, my perspective and how I carry myself is changed because of these different quotes have affected my life. My hope is that you’ll find a quote that might you help in some way and that it will offer you comfort and light as they have for me. -Ness ❤

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