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Hey guys! I’m super excited to share today’s blog because it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long while. I was able to get my best friends to agree to being featured on my blog and who doesn’t love a good collab every now and then? I want to introduce you to two of my favorite people (besides my family) that I love, who fill my life in ways that everyone should experience. I’ve asked them to answer a list of questions to help you get a feel at what our friendship entails. So let’s go ahead and meet my besties!

                                          (Right to left: Morgan- Melissa Muaina, Janessa-Michelle Purcell, Serita Liua)

We’ll start introductions from oldest to youngest:

Serita Liua is from Hau’ula, Hawaii.

One thing to share: I am the IDGAF friend.

Janessa-Michelle Purcell is from Laie, Hawaii.

One thing to share: I am the quiet friend.

Morgan-Melissa Muaina is from Laie, Hawaii,

One thing to share: I am the super nice friend.

1. How did we meet each other? 

S: Janessa and I went to La’ie Elementary school together. However, we did not become friends until we were in the Ko’olauloa Children’s Chorus together.

J: I knew both Morgan (Mor) and Serita (Teedah) from school. They were best friends and I befriended Mor when we shared the same 3rd grade class. Teedah and I became close while we were in choir. 

M: Elementary school! I think we became friends in Mrs. Tabua’s class. I remember we used to eat breakfast together in the cafe sometimes

2.  How long have we been friends?

S: I definitely don’t remember exactly, but we got really close when we started doing choir together and that was a loooong time ago. 

J:For a real long time? over 10years with both of them.

M:Dude, I think we’ve been friends since like 2005… so 15 years!! We’re freaking old!

   3.  What is your favorite memory of us? 

S: I would have to say when we took our choir trip to Italy. While we were there we did a lot of things but my favorite part was when we would be in the streets and Nessa would yell “Oh! That was in the Lizzie McGuire movie!” or when we got lost in the streets of Venice and got yelled at by our director in front of everyone in the middle of the town square but did not care and kept taking funny pictures.

J: My favorite memory of all of us, was in China on a choir tour. My aunt who was our choir director gave us a curfew and told us we weren’t allowed to switch rooms, but being the rebels we are. We waited till the other adults were sleeping, told our parents we were going to be staying with each other and had a sleepover in one of the rooms anyway. 

M:We have A LOT but I think my favorite was when we were younger and we would always eat in my moms office and for holidays she would set up the tables in the cafe to be super cute for the occasion!

    4. What is something our parents don’t know that we’ve done? 

S: My parents don’t know that we would fail in going somewhere and just end up at Walmart playing with everything and not buying a single thing. Other than that, my parents know everything.

J: We’re pretty good girls and we’re honest with our parents. There really isn’t something we’ve done that our parents don’t know about. 

M: I don’t think we have anything. Our moms are very niele (nosey) when it comes to anything we do, also they are our besties so we kinda tell them everything! Also, we were good kids growing up soo lol

     5.  What makes us good friends?

S: Our love for music and sports. Also, our mean attitude that keeps our innocent friend Morgan from getting taken advantage of because we ALL know she’s usually too nice to say “No”

J: Between the three of us we could go for a time without talking but we always know that we’ve got each other. We can always count on each other to support, love and be straight forward when it’s needed. 

M: I think that it’s the fact that time apart doesn’t change who we’re are when we’re together. We could have new friends, live in different places, and have different experiences but it’s always the same when we get together! Right where we left off the last time ?

6. What is your funniest story of us? 

S: Hmmm… I think the better question is “What isn’t a funny story of us?” We were ALWAYS laughing and making fools out of ourselves when we were together. What about the time we were in Italy and the choir had curfew and everyone else was in their hotel rooms except us because we were out getting gelato. All the parents were looking at us like “umm, excuse me? Why are you not in your guys rooms?” 

J: There are so many stories of us because we just love having a good time. But it was probably when we got lost in Venice and Aunty Esther yelled at us. But then we went and lived our best lives riding the gondolas and eating pasta, pizza and gelato. 

M: Dang, we have a lot but the one that’s stands out to me the most was that one time we were watching those football players from out of state. We were basically cat calling them while we were hiding in my car! At the time we didn’t think they could see us but looking back I know damn well they could ? “That helmet though!”

 7. Should we go on a besties trip? Where should we go?

S: Yes, definitely we should go on a besties trip. I think we should go to Paris or somewhere in Europe. Ooh! Greece! We should go to Greece and reenact Mamma Mia scenes.  

J: I think we always talk about taking a besties trip since we aren’t married or have kids. We haven’t planned for one yet, but we should definitely go back to Italy and maybe Germany or the Netherlands!

M:YES! I tell y’all this all the time! If we plan on one soon, I say Disneyland (you know how much I love that place) but if we plan for a couple years we have to plan to go Italy so we can go back to the Rome temple. Also so we can take our time exploring and not having to wear matching outfits!

8. What is your favorite thing about your besties? 

S: We all make a really good team. All three of us have a bunch of different personalities but we never let that come between us and we always have a good time. Definitely going to be ‘besties for the resties’ I got mad love for these girlies.  

J: I have many favorite things about my besties but first off I love how big their hearts are. They always have love for me just like I’ll always have love for them. But beyond that they are so confident in who they are, they both have this light that just draws others to them. They make me feel comfortable being who I am and assuring me I don’t have to change to appease anybody. They lift me up in my times of need and we just balance each other out. We always say this about how God knew we would be super crazy as sisters to one mom, so He made us sisters with three different moms to keep us in line. I wouldn’t want to go through this life without my crazy besties for the resties. 

M: My favorite thing about Janessa – Michelle Teuila Purcell is her heart and her bravery. Nessa has always been an amazing person who has always chased after what she wants. She never let what others say about her stop her from being her. She has always been the sweetest person to all those she’s interacted with (unless you gave her a reason not too). I’m sure a lot of you have heard her story and the bravery it took to even speak about such a horrible thing. That’s Janessa. We have always been really good friend but I never knew about things that happened when we went our separate ways after being together. The fact that she still went through life and continues to be the badass she is makes me love her even more. She didn’t let it define her. She didn’t let it change who she was. And you would have never guessed. It breaks my heart just thinking of the fact that I couldn’t be there to comfort her, to protect her and to be a shoulder to cry on. But she didn’t need me. Janessa has always had a strong head on her shoulders. She was able to push through all that heartache and mistrust and is still one of the most amazing people on this earth. Thank you for always being an example to me. Thank you for befriending me all those years ago. I love you!

My favorite thing about Serita Leilani Fa’apio Liua is her protectiveness of the ones she loves. I have always been the quiet/nice friend and I hate making others feel bad even if it means my feelings get hurt. Serita has always been the one who stood up for me when I couldn’t speak up for myself. Always saying what I can’t. She has always been my voice. She’s the type of person that if you ever get into a fight or an argument with someone she’s the one to call but be careful because y’all might end up in jail if you don’t stop her in time! Lol. She is the exact same way when it comes to family. No one can say anything about her family and get away with it. So I guess that also goes along the lines of loyalty as well. She’s loyal to those who are loyal to her.

I am absolutely grateful and blessed to have such amazing best friends who are literally my sisters. We all live a part now but the love we have for each other will always be the same. If you don’t have some best friends that will binge eat with you, laugh at all your dumb jokes, sit on FaceTime with while you do homework and treat your family like their own. You definitely should because they’re life changers. – Ness❤

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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