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Mama, I Love You!

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Guys! Let me tell you about my mama. I absolutely freaking love and adore her. I have no idea what I’d do without her.

           My mom has been my biggest advocate, supporter, cheearleader, and everything in between! I learn so much from my mom and I can’t express enough of  my gratitude, appreciation and love for her. For many years of my short life, my mom has been a single mother. I’ve seen her stand so strong and I’ve seen her break at her lowest. She raised my siblings and I, for the most part by herself. And I admire her for that so much! Living in Hawaii isn’t cheap and my mom did the best she could to provide for us.

              We’ve always had a close relationship and as I’ve grown older, moved out and experience the adult life we’ve became even closer. We talk almost everyday sometimes up to three or four times a day. I’ve always been told I am the most like my mom and each day I see the similarities. Just because we have such a great relationship doesn’t mean there weren’t rough patches. I am definitely headstrong and I literally like to do what I want. We often don’t see eye to eye and sometimes it would cause problems. But as I matured I realized that although we may not see eye to eye on certain things that doesn’t mean it needs to become a problem. I can appreciate her opinion or feelings and respect it. Agree to disagree and move on! 

            My mom is very passionate especially when it comes to music. She was the chorister in church, the piano player and she grew up performing. My love for dance and music came from my mom and if it’s even possible I love her even more for it. She challenges me when I’m working on dance routines. She never lets me take the easy way out and in the moment, sometimes it annoys the crap out of me but I know it’s only to help me be a better dancer. She always encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and to go past the horizons. My mom knows dancing is my passion and my life even when I keep my talents on the down low, and she never hesitates to motivate me to share my talents with others. 

                 She is the worst person to watch movies with but football games are worse! Only because she asks twenty one questions. I wouldn’t trade that time with her for anything in the world. When I first told her I started blogging she was really supportive. When she started following my Instagram blog I was a little bit afraid just because blogging is me getting personal and sharing myself with others and sometimes my family comes up. I wasn’t really sure how she would feel about it but she continues to support me. I’m in awe of this woman for supporting my crazy brained ideas. When I told her I really wanted to embrace the blogging life she was all for it. Sharing ideas with me and giving me a checklist of what I needed to do to make blogging my job. I started tearing up because not everyone has a crazy supportive mom or even a great relationship with their mom and I am blessed with both.  

                                              (Yes I still hold my moms hand in public)

           I don’t know where I would be without my mom and I am beyond grateful to have her in my life. I remember a customer at work told me a while back one day “Do me a favor and tell your mom that she did an amazing job raising you.” 

           Mama, I love you so much. Your support is so greatly appreciated and it means the world to me! I promise that when I make it I will retire you (hopefully) before brother makes it to the NFL. Maybe then I’ll be able to give you that son in law you want so bad (rolling my eyes) and those grandkids too. 

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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