Make your period easy with The best must haves for your on the go period pouch

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What is a period?

A Period or a Menstrual Cycle is a monthly occurrence within the female body. During the menstrual cycle the body is discarding the blood and tissue through the vagina. It’s a normal process of the body. As a note, not all periods are the same. Make your period easy with the best must haves for your on the go period pouch.

Periods can be messy and for some very painful. I wish someone had been complete honest and open to me about how painful periods can be. I say painful (for me at least) it feels like my lower stomach is being stabbed at with knives while being branded with a hot iron. Again, this is not the case for everyone. But let’s go ahead and make it easier on the generations to come with handy dandy list!

Why am I sharing this?

I am sharing this particular blog for all those young women who may be in high school and and may not feel comfortable talking about periods. I want to provide some sort of material that can reach them so those who may not have a female figure in their life, to explain or talk about Periods with.

In my experience it was a little scary. One day I went to the bathroom and I noticed blood. I am thankful I have older sisters who have helped me understand the changes my body will go through. I also understand that there are others who don’t. This post is for you! Being prepared for your period is very convenient. With this blog I’ll make it as simple as I can. Your period pouch will be a great companion!

What should be in your period pouch?

  • Pads
  • Tampons
  • Panty liners
  • Flushables Wipes
  • Midol or Tylenol

Explanation of items

Pads; depending on how heavy your bleeding is, you want to make sure you have the proper leakage coverage pad on. Pads usually have labels that state what level of bleeding they work best for. Starting from light to heavy.

Tampons; For this one, it’s very important you ask for help with knowing the proper way to insert a tampon. You don’t want to accidentally hurt yourself. Please check with a trustworthy adult if tampons are a good fit for you.

Panty Liners; If you have a light period panty liners might be a great fit for you. They are smaller than a pad and more compact.

Flushable Wipes; An ABSOLUTE game changer. Having flushable wipes makes cleaning yourself effortless. In high school I would wet paper towels to clean up. Then I started using flushable wipes and it is a GODSEND. Order your pack here.

Pain Reliever; Sometimes cramps can be quite debilitating. They can hurt so much that the pain is all you can think about. Keep some of your preferred pain reliever in your Period pouch so you can go about your day as painless as you can.

Make your Period Pouch YOU!

The most important aspect of assembling your Period Pouch is to make it YOU! Find the products that work for you and your body and keep it handy. I recommend having a pouch at school, or at work, one in your bag and even in your car. Periods can come at any point or time of the day without regards to where you are. The easiest way to handle periods is to always be prepared.

Make your period easy with the best must haves for your on the go period pouch.

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