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As many of you know I recently returned back from my trip to Hawaii! I’m finally getting around to blogging about my trip and giving you the inside scoop of places to see, things to do and good food to try! I’m so excited to share this post with you because it’s all about my home, where I am from and all the things I love the most about Hawaii. If you are planning to visit Hawaii some time soon or in the future, I hope you will use these suggestions to assist your trip planning to ensure a very great and amazing time!

Places to see:

* The Polynesian Culture Center in Laie, HI – You can get a full experience of the Polynesian Cultures in one fun and simple trip. Drift from one village to another and enjoy the shows that are on throughout the day.

* Koolauloa Ranch – Enjoy a tour around the beautiful mountain range, tour the places where some of the Jurassic World movies have been filmed. You can even do some tours riding a horse! Wouldn’t that be fun?

* The Pali lookout – One of the best views on the island!! It’s a must see! Have some lunch at this stop, take a deep breath and enjoy that fresh air while enjoying the sight.

* Laie Hawaii (Mormon) Temple – Religious or not, this is one of my favorite sights to see! You just have to check it out for yourself!! Take a walk around the grounds and feel the glow and happiness work into your body! It’s also a good place to relax your mind.

* Visit the USS Arizona and learn about how Hawaii was affected during World War II. I love history and I loved visiting this special place while I was growing up. It’s almost like a time machine where you learn about how things were back during those scary war times. It’s also a great place to remember all our military services do to keep us safe!

Things to do:

* The beauty in Hawaii can be enhanced by the many different hikes there are to do! Just pick one and explore! (: (Highly recommend doing one with a water feature ex. waterfall or a pond)

* Go swimming in the many beautiful beaches Hawaii is known for! I maybe a bit biased, but Hawaii really does have the best beaches. Why stop at swimming, go ahead and give surfing a try!

* Take a drive around the island and have a “scavenger hunt” and discover the cultures, the people and learn a couple of new things.

* Jump off the rock at Waimea Bay, Snorkle around Shark’s Cove, or paddle board at Hale’iwa Beach Park.

* ATTEND A LUAU! I promise you it will be so much fun and worth it!! You’ll have a great time and it will definitely be very educating!

* There are some boat tours around the island pick one and have an amazing time on the water!

Foods to try:

This is my favorite part, recommending my favorites foods to try and my favorite food spots!!

* Poke – This is a dish that is made up of cubed cut rish, marinaded in some sauce with onions on a bed of some steaming hot rice. My favorite Poke is the Shoyu Poke from Foodland! There are many types of Poke. But in my opinion this is best. Best way to eat this? Find yourself a spot on the beach with a can of Hawaiian Sun juice and enjoy!!

* A Loco Moco – This dish is made up of hamburger meat on top of rice, covered by eggs and smothered in brow gravy. It’s so good! I highly recommend it!

* The Chicken Pad Tai from The Elephant Truck – This is my favorite Thai dish, and it’s obviously my go to. Pieces of chicken mixed in with noodles and some veggies BUT hold the cilantro please!

* Try a creation from Onoyos- Frozen yogurt goodness! Mix and match the flavor of the day yogurt with different toppings and relax after a long day! You will not be disappointed!

* Mochi- Originally from Japan but has made a big impact on the food culture in Hawaii. There are many different flavors to try and you can even get it with ice cream in the middle. It’s sweet and one of my favorite treats!

* Farm Pizza w/ side salad & a Haupia Pineapple smoothie- Get this organic treat from Kahuku Farms. I fell in love with this place just before I left Hawaii 2 years ago. Most of the produce used is grown right there in the fields. I highly recommend trying this place out as well!

**Special note take in the scenery as much as you can, the ocean, the mountain range, the land, and the sky. It’s one of my favorite things to do to help me appreciate nature and it’s also pretty soothing.

    This is just a short list of suggestions/ideas I can contribute to help you plan a successful trip to Hawaii. Let me just add that these are things mostly applicable to the island of Oahu (since that’s where I was born and raised) although you are more than likely to apply to the other islands, a little research for them will be needed.

     My trip was a little bit more laid back, but it was so good to relax and enjoy the company of my family. There really is no better time than family time. I hope I could be of a little help for you and I cannot wait for you all to experience Hawaii for yourselves! Go out and explore and enjoy life. It’s too short not to be enjoyed! Sending lots of love to you all♥

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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