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First Month @ The Vault

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Hey hey! Long time no write because my life has been a mess of dance classes, rehearsals and moving. Let me just add in here: Don’t move if you do not have to! Because it absolutely sucks lol but I’m super happy to be in a better environment. I just wanted to drop in and give a brief recap of my first month as the Hula Instructor for The Vault Dance Studio in Orem.

It’s been AMAZING! I wasn’t so sure how I’d be able to do it, when my life wasn’t in shambles (literally shambles) but I had a great support system to help me get through it. Shout out to them, they know who they are and I ADORE YOU ALL.

It has had its challenges, having to adjust my teaching style to match the expectations of the studio has helped me realize that it’s more than just teaching dance. It’s about building a relationship with my students and making the studio a fun, loving and safe place for them. I’m still learning, trying different things out to make learning hula fun but I’m slowly getting there. Slow progress is better than no progress right!

Lastly, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a dance community. So being a part of one here has been really nice. I don’t get out much, but now I’m out at least 3 times a week. My weeks have been flying by because not only am I doing something I love, I get to experience it with others who love dance like me.

We are preparing for our benefit concert this Thursday September 5th 2019. At Timpview HS beginning at 7pm, it’s just $5 so come and support The Jessop & Matina Families. I’m so excited and actually really nervous. But I know we will do just fine. If you are interested or know anyone interested in taking any of our classes, you can register at! We hope to see you at our concert and in our classes!

Much Aloha to you all❤️


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