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I have some pretty special people in my life that I have been blessed with. These people are known as my sisters and friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life because no matter how irritable or frustrated I get, they never break their stride in our relationship. I used to measure friendship and loyalty by the amount of time I knew a person, but then after much experience I realized that I could know a person for 20 years and yet they’d could treat me less than I deserved compared to someone I knew for 1 year. No amount of time, knowing person can factor in how well or bad they treat you. I have a best friend I’ve known for almost two years, and she treats me better than people/“friends” I’ve known all my life. You know, so I don’t think that should be a factor when talking about friends.

When I’m irritated, they give me the space I need to sort myself out and leave me to work the irritation out of my system. When I’m frustrated no matter which friend I go to, they are always there to help me. When I need to vent, I can call any one of my friends to give me a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or some advice if I need it. When I’m feeling insecure they help me work through my insecurities by uplifting me, helping me see the good things about myself. When I’m not progressing and working on my goals, my friends do not hesitate to call me out on my laziness. When I’m doing good, they let me know they can see the effort I’m putting in and the progress I’ve made.

Honestly, we need these types of people in our lives.  My friends motivate me to become a better person, they motivate me to do better. They are the cheerleaders in my life and it really is amazing having them around. I love having the open relationships I do have with my friends because it makes my life so much fun and enjoyable. The things I may lack in knowledge they more than make up for. No matter how dumb my questions can be, they never judge me for my curiosity. I just love having that chill and laid back friendships but also the equal balance of being able to be serious and have those “grown” conversations.

I don’t give them enough credit, but shout out to all my friends; you know who you are. Thank you for putting up with my moody self, and being a part of my life. It means a lot to me❤ I am definitely not the easiest person to get along with and yet they stay by my side! And I absolutely love that. They really are Ride or Dies and Day Ones. They encourage me in my life and with my goals. The support is amazing and just a necessity to have. They’re down for spontaneous adventures and also for the simple kickbacks. I absolutely love the special relationship I have with all of these friends as individuals, because they just help me so much. Even if they don’t know it, I admire so much of each and everyone of them. They continually help me find and become who I want to be. I can only hope I am as good as a friend to them as they are to me!

Friends are the people you can run to with anything and everything going on in your life. Friends are people who know you inside and out; they know everything about you and hold no judgement on anything. They are those people you can always fallback on. The ones who help you in any way they can. Friends are the people who don’t let you suffer with your pain alone, even if they aren’t able to offer much to help make the pain go away. They’ll do anything to help make it easier on you, and their support and company alone is enough. Friends are people who are loyal to you, even when you don’t see them everyday or often, you don’t ever have to question your relationship because you know you guys are solid.

If you don’t have friends who support you and help whenever you’re in need. Friends who encourage you, or call you out when you’re slacking. Friends who love you for you and not what you can give them. Or friends who surround you with positivity, if they aren’t automatically doing any of these things, are they really your friends? Get you some friends like mine, cause I promise you life will be so much more enjoyable with these people in it.

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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