Christmas 2018

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 **This will be my only post for this past week. It was super crazy being that it was Christmas, I forgot to pack my laptop and I was enjoying spending time with my family. Soooo, I hope you enjoy it!

This year Christmas did not feel the same as the years before. I’m not sure if it was the fact I was swamped by crazy work hours that my mind was preoccupied or what, but it did not feel very special. Is this how Christmas feels as you get older? I hope not! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. But nonetheless was this Christmas was very enjoyable.

We started this week off by watching Bumblebee on Sunday. It was such a good movie, if you haven’t seen it you should! On Monday, we cruised around at Station Park to get the kids out of the house. Tuesday morning, my aunt, uncle, their kids, my brother and I gathered in the living room to open presents. While I definitely enjoying receiving gifts, I enjoy giving gifts even more so. Seeing the joy and happiness on the faces of my cousins as they opened their gifts was probably a highlight for me this Christmas season.

After opening our gifts my aunt and her family went over to her in laws to open gifts while my brother and I had time to spend together. Since he’s been spending his break from school here in Utah, I only got to see him the day we picked him up at the airport. I was so busy with work, I wasn’t able to spend much time with him til I was able to come home for Christmas for a few days. We watched Aquaman first and let me tell you it was super GOOD! Amazing even. From the acting, to the fight scenes and action, it was overall a great movie. Again, if you haven’t seen Aquaman you definitely should! Since we had another 3 hours to kill before Family dinner we watched the animated Grinch movie. It was more kid and family oriented which was pretty nice. But it wasn’t my favorite.

Christmas dinner was filled with Polynesian food. Super good stuff but boy was I stuffed! I thought I was going to combust! Just being able to spend time with my family will always be my favorite thing to do.

Let me just add, I absolutely LOVED every gift I received but this one was probably my favorite one. It might have to do with the fact Alabama is about to play in the Orange Bowl to have a chance for the National Championship. If you didn’t know well, ROLL TIDE!

                               I hope you had a great Christmas‚̧ with lots of love – Ness

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