How to get through a hard week with these 5 affirmations

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Life has been ROUGH

Hey everyone! Welcome back to The SassiNess! Now the last few years have been difficult for us all and it doesn’t seem to be easing any time soon. Adjusting to the this new way of life is going to be imperative for us all but it’s going to take some time and discipline. Today’s blog post will be about How to get through a hard week with these 5 affirmations!

Use an affirmation to get through a hard week!
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Affirmation #1 – Just keep swimming!

Now I’m sure we’ve all seen Finding Nemo and cal recall the scene that this mantra is from. As the fish are caught in a net they encourage each other to “just keep swimming” towards the ocean floor, thus preventing the fishing boat from pulling them up from the water.

Sometimes the only thing that keeps you going is just to remind yourself to keep going! Personally repeating this mantra helps me to focus on what is right in front of me. Blocking out the noise, the distractions and all the extra stuff and becoming narrow-minded so to speak. Just keep swimming to me means no matter what to keep moving. It’s easy to fall into despair and very trying to pull yourself out of a hole but that’s really your only solution. When I’m having a bad day, lately it feels I have these bad days more often, I remind myself to just keep pushing. Just to keep going to get through this day and through this trial.

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Keep going!

Affirmation #2 – I can do hard things

I can do hard things is probably my most repeated affirmation. I’ll whisper it to myself 5-10 times a day because it gives me hope and strength. There are times when I feel like life just SUCKS! There’s always some type of problem and trial going on. So the constant feeling of being disheartened and discouraged is very draining mentally, physically and emotionally. When I recite this affirmation ten times a day to help me through the current dilemma it reminds me that I CAN get through these hard things. I AM strong enough to endure any problem that stands in my way.

Affirmation #3- I will achieve my goals

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know this has been a constant worry for me. Sometimes I feel my path in life revolves around detours. I’ll sit down, write out my goals and make a step by step plan on how I will achieve my goals. Then life happens and I’m scrambling to find my footing once again. Which in turn makes me feel like my goals in life move further and further out of reach. But one I’m on stable ground again I’m back on track and able to keep chugging along.

No matter how dark and dreary the road may get never lose sight of what is important to you. Even if you have to tell yourself a thousand times a day that “I will achieve my goals!” DO IT! Don’t let yourself be so easily denied when you’re pursuing your dreams. When times get hard remember where it you want to be, what you want to achieve and why you started!

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Affirmation #4 – Everything will work out!

I will lie to myself with this mantra right here. “Everything will work out!” I repeat to myself even if I don’t believe it wholeheartedly because it will give much needed comfort. Whether it’s true or not I try to reassure myself with something positive to look forward to. Ultimately I know at the end of the day it’ll all work out even if in the moment it’s hard to see the end result. Know that things will work out!

Affirmation #5- One day this will all be worth it

So through all your trials, your detours, and problems you encounter just know that one day this will all be worth it. I use this affirmation as a reminder of what my end goal is. It help me stay focused that all through my trials and problems it is the push I need to get myself where I need to be. When I say this affirmation to myself I know that my hard work will pay off, the sacrifices, the struggles and hard work will be wort it. Lastly, I know and understand that hard times don’t last, they build me up to make me strong enough to reap the rewards of my labor!

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Through it all

Through this new world we are adjusting to and the path in which your life takes just remember to take rest days! Drink your water stay hydrated. Take your vitamins and hold tight to your affirmations. Post them around your room, in your bathroom, around your work area anywhere you’ll see them to help you stay motivated. Setting alarms on your phone with an affirmation as the title can also be very useful. You can also check out this helpful journal on amazon all about affirmations and to get you through hard days. Whatever it is you choose to day, I hope that this blog post will help you through you week. Here’s to making better choices and moving upward with life!

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  • Brava S Reitumetse

    Number 1 and number 3! Wooh!
    I have had days filled with fulfillment and contentment because I pushed through and just kept on going. Completing a task and achieving a milestone I reached because I kept on going became my reward. It also made my dreams tangible when I achieved a goal or milestone towards my dream. This is so good.

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