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    LETS TALK DATING:   **Disclaimer I know absolutely nothing about Dating… Except for what I hear about from others, see in movies and read in books.. So I need to be educated on this subject** Okay, maybe I know a just…

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    The date that wasn’t a “date”

    Let me tell you guys about the date that wasn’t a “date”. But first let me tell you a little bit about the guy. I met Harry one night when the fire alarm for our apartment building went off. Typically…

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    15 cute date ideas

    Tired of the same old dinner and movie date? I’ve put together a list of some ideas to spice up your date nights! (It’s also my wish list for any dates I have in the future.) Christmas Lights and Hot…

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    “Why are you single?”

    The most famous Holiday question that I know of is: Why are you single? It’s also the most annoying question if you ask me. Partially because there are so many ways one could answer this question but also because it’s…

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