Because I am a Queen

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 If you’ve been following along with my journey of blogging (or you’ve just started) I think it’s time to explain my reasoning behind the use of the phrase “Because I am a Queen”.

One of my very first blog post’s I have done, I talked about self worth. It’s a pretty big topic, but it was very important to me because I struggled with it. You know, it’s hard to see your worth sometimes because you don’t fit “the norm” in today’s society. And that’s okay, like me, I’ve learned about my self and what I am worth since that first blog post.

Not only did I finally process that I should never base my self worth off of my looks. But it’s also about how I carry myself, how I treat others and those around me. My self worth includes my attitude, my mind set, it’s how I feel about myself and so much more!

When I finally reached that point where I became more comfortable in my own skin and body, I was able to flourish in a way that I could freely be myself and not be so reserved. I was finally able to appreciate myself in a way I was meant to. I’m finally at a point in my life that those supporters around me have helped me get to. My support system means so much to me because they saw my worth for what it was, they loved me so much that it was their love, support and encouragements that helped me learn to love myself unconditionally.

There’s a song by India Arie entitled ‘Video’ and the  message in this song centers around self love. This is where I got the phrase “Because I am a Queen”, it reminds me that there is so much more to me. This phrase helps me realize that when you think of yourself in high regards (not in an arrogant way of course!) you motivate yourself to reach your full potential.

Reminding myself that I am a Queen helps me focus my energy on those things in life that can uplift me. It helps me monitor those I keep around me and the time I put into others. As a Queen, you can’t just let anyone around you. We know that there are people around us who wish harm on us or hate that we may be living our best lives. But knowing that you are a Queen helps you realize that those people don’t need a reaction for the negativity. We just send them love and prayers and move on about our ways!

I guess in short, this phrase helps me become a better person to the point that all I want is love, happiness and positivity. It helps me elevate my mentality to reach different horizons but to always remember to be kind and humble.

It’s more than a phrase, it becomes a lifestyle?

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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