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 **Disclaimer I know absolutely nothing about Dating… Except for what I hear about from others, see in movies and read in books.. So I need to be educated on this subject**

Okay, maybe I know a just a little about dating. Technically it means going out with more than one person at a time. Meaning one day you go out with Brian and the next day you can go out with Ryan and it would still be okay because you are not in a committed relationship as of yet! Right? I mean nowadays the definition has been mixed up with being an exclusive relationship and in the talking stage. 
So here is where I need some clarification or some help of any sort. How does one go about going on Dates?? Is there a certain way you approach someone about going on a date? Is there a certain time frame that one should be following when it comes to dating? 

I am a 20 year old young female adult, and I’ve never been on a date. Crazy, I know! But guys weren’t really interested in me during my high school years and it didn’t really bother me then because I knew I’d have time for it in the coming years. Which bring us to this, I’ve been thinking about getting into the Dating scene for a couple of months now. I felt its time to finally open myself up to the idea, I’d like to get out there and start meeting people.  I just have no idea where to start lol. 

There’s this thing called “Shooting your shot” going around on social media. Where you message your crush and I guess ask them out in hopes they say yes. I’ve been wondering how does one do this “shoot your shot” thing. I mean yes, obviously you’re going to have to message them. But is there a certain requirement or standard that you must be qualified for to get a yes-answer? Again, are there rules to it? Are there protocols you need to follow? What are the logistics of the concept “Shooting your shot” and Dating. How do you know the person you’re asking is in your league? And FLIRTING, oh my gosh. How do you know the difference between someone flirting with you and someone just being nice and complimenting you? I need help guys!?! 

I would LOVE to experience going out on dates and getting to know people. What is the first step I must take? Maybe I’m overthinking this just a tad bit too much. I can’t help but think that now is a good time to start, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to jump right into a relationship. I’d like to have a bit of fun and explore my options. 

Anyway, if any of you have answers to my questions, or any advice for me. Please send them my way! I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll also keep blogging about my experience with this particular subject (should there be anything to blog about LOL) . Please guys, I’m desperate for some answers and clarifications! 

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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