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After class yesterday, I had to make a quick trip home. I walked up to the ticket machine to get my ticket but the machine was down. My roommate had already left because she had to work in 45 minutes, I had no phone and no idea what to do. The train would be coming in a few short minutes and I wasn’t sure I’d make the train if I had gone to the other side of the station to try the ticket machine. Debating with myself on what to do, I took the risk of walking up to the platform.
     As I tried to think of something to do, I spotted a girl who had walked towards the area I was standing in, from the far side of the station. I had asked her if she knew if the machine on that side of the station was working. After explaining my dilemma to her she said “I think you’ll be okay, here sit with me and I’ll vouch for you.” With a my nerves calmed just a bit, we sat together on the train.We talked a bit and got to know each other. So far, the ride has been good, running without incident.
      We pull up to the girl’s stop and we say goodbye. As she steps off the train, two police officers board the train and my heart begins to race. I’m freaking out and just praying that I don’t get kicked off or something even worse. On the train ride I was trying to see if I could pull up the website and buy a ticket on my kindle. Unfortunately only package deals were available. As the officer starts to scan pass, my heart is beating so fast I wasn’t even sure I could talk to him. When he got to me, I start explaining my situation. I tell him I don’t take the train often so I wasn’t sure what to do. I really needed to get home and have been trying to get a ticket. Once done with explaining my situation I asked him “Am I going to get in trouble?”
He replied to me “You could get in trouble.” He asked me where I was going, then said “Have you ever gotten a warning about riding without a ticket?” I told him I hadn’t. He then says “Okay, next time just make sure you get a ticket.” With that he continues on his way.
     I let out a huge breath of relief  and I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. I started crying right there on the train because of the tender mercy I had just experienced. It may not seem big to you, but this encounter meant a lot to me. Every time I see a police officer I flinch really hard and start to shake. I never know if I’ll be one of those African-Americans who don’t get to go home after an encounter with the police. I know not all police officers are bad or racists, but I cannot help but have this fear that one day I’ll run into one and I won’t be able to go home to my mom. I was really blessed and lucky to have been shown this kindness. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get this type of treatment. I couldn’t help but feel so much gratitude for this police officer. If he ever sees this, I would like him to know how grateful I was for him and the kindness he showed me.
      I will never forget this special experience

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