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Adventures in Salt Lake- 3/15- 3/16

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Friday morning I woke up feeling like absolute crap. I was having trouble sleeping the night before, which resulted in me finally sleeping around 5 a.m. just to wake up again at 9 a.m. 4 hours of sleep and I was ready to bail on  a full day of commitments. I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to go anywhere let alone do anything, but I’m working on my commitment issues. I committed to hanging out with people so I WAS going to keep my word. So a quick errand run with a good friend of mine and a stop at our favorite book store. You already know I just HAD to stop and buy some books. It was buy ‘one get one free’ day so I was eager to find some gems and I sure did!

Our high school’s girls rugby team came to Utah for their Utah tour and my brother came down for the weekend to catch up with friends. I’ve watched rugby before but I honestly could not tell you what the rules were. It was a pretty intense game, the field was covered in snow and it was just a bit chilly even with the sun shining. It was an absolutely beautiful day. It was like a little mini reunion for our community, I ran into so many of my relatives it was kind of crazy. It made me so grateful that even though I was battling fours of sleep and a really bad headache I made it to the rugby game. It also made me a little homesick but overall it was so much fun! Our girls won 3 to 2, if you know rugby you’ll be able to figure out the point system but that’s as far as I know!

I had to leave the game soon after it was done to make it up to West Valley to meet up with my friend Charity. Fun fact: while talking with Charity’s mom we soon realized we are actually related. We’ve been friends for two years and we found out we’re cousins on both our mom’s side! After hoping on the wrong train for about two minutes I was back on track and made it to her in one piece. Because we were just a tad bit pressed for time, I had to hurry and change into a dress for the first party we attended that night. It was a Relief Society party for Charity’s ward, and there again, I ran into more family! We only stayed for about 45 minutes before having to hurry off to the next party. This party was for a Charity’s niece on her dad’ side. It was a sweet sixteen party and let me just say I had so much fun I don’t have any pictures to share. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a chance to seriously dance and just relax, the birthday party was just what I needed. We got back to Charity’s house around 11:30 pm after making a stop at McDonald’s for some food. After all that dancing we became hungry again! You’d think we’d have gone to sleep right after but no, us goofballs did not go to sleep until after 2 am!

Originally we agreed we’d get up at 10 am to start our day, but we actually just laid around in bed till about 11 am and then we started getting ready. Which took us another hour because we were moving slow. Aunty Lily (charity’s mom) spoiled me and made spam musubi’s ( kind of a sushi ish with spam) and vai mango (mango juice). She’s an amazing cook and the fact that she made food that was comforting to me made me love her so much! She really did not have to, but she did and ugh guys she’s amazing! After shoveling food in our mouth we were scurrying to get to the train station on time to ride the train up the football stadium.

I LOVE football. If you’ve been following me for a while you know this about me, so I just HAD TO catch a game. If you didn’t know there are now 2 Profession Football Leagues; the NFL and AAF. Because the AAF league is relatively cheap we were able to get some really cheap tickets. If you’re a student or know someone who is a student you should definitely take advantage of their $10 student section tickets. The way the stadium is set up we were pretty close to the field. The sun was shining with clear skies and just enough of a chill that made sitting in the sun bearable. The AAF league has a slight difference in the rulings compared to the NFL but overall it was still a good game. The Salt Lake Stallions beat the visiting Memphis Express 22-9, if I remember correctly. The highlight of the game was finding a long distant cousin on the team. After constantly hearing my last name being called, I knew I had to ask him who his family was. I met him at the buses where the team came out after cleaning up from the game. After making sure it was the right person I was looking for , I introduced myself and why I was wanting to talk to him. With a short conversation and a confirmation from my mom, I was ecstatic to know I met a cousin Mike Purcell, who is also an professional football player. How crazy is that?

I got back to my house around 9:45 pm that night  so happy that despite a crazy two days, I was able to get out of my house and go on adventure. But the highlight of this crazy filled weekend was a talk I had with Aunty Lily. She was talking to me about how strict she was with letting Charity sleep over her friends house, which surprised me because Charity has slept over my house so many times! That’s when Aunty Lily thanked me. She said “Thank you so much for being a good friend to Charity, I don’t always agree with the friends she makes or has but I never had to question what she was doing when she’s with you. I let Charity sleep over your house without meeting you for myself, because I listened to the way she talks about you. She talks to highly about you that I was so happy she made a friend that has standards you both share.” My heart was warm the entire time I was talking with Aunty Lily. Being complimented in such a way made me so humble, that someone could talk so highly of me, that I could be thanked for being a good friend to someone mind blows me. If anything, I am so grateful for Charity’s friendship since starting school in Utah. It was so nice to befriend someone who could understand my humor, who cackle laughs just like I do, who’s always down just to chill out at my house and eat food. I’ve been so blessed to have met this wonderful soul who has become a close confidant for me. We always joke that we’re stuck together forever that our friendship is a lifetime commitment but being as we’re cousins that justifies our friendship even more so.

 Char-Char, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! It’s always a good time with you and I can’t wait for more to come! Thanks for being an amazing friend to me! No take backs!


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