3 biggest blogging challenges and how to overcome them

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How’s it going everyone? I am trotting a long making the most of what I can, keeping my focus on the things I can control. For today’s blog, I wanted to share my three biggest challenges with blogging and the solutions to how I overcome them.

One of my biggest challenges with blogging is producing content that stays true to who I am.

I’ve mentioned before that I consider myself a lifestyle blogger. There are so many ways to be classified as any type of blogger, but for me, sharing my experiences and the thoughts I have on certain topics on life is where I feel most comfortable. I try to gear my blog to focus on being positive and optimistic but there are days where I don’t feel positive at all. There are days where shutting down and being stuck in my own head is all I want to do. Then I think to myself as a blogger, how can I encourage my readers to do one thing when I want to do the complete opposite? That’s not who I am, that’s not I want to be or what I want to be known for. I struggle with producing content because I want to be 100% authentic with all of you. I think we all face this specific challenge whether or not you’re a blogger. How do I overcome my struggles? Well, I give myself 15 minutes to be down, be sad, be mad or be frustrated. I browse other blogs to get inspiration, I recite different types of mantras to get my motivation levels up again, and sometimes I just take a break from writing a post. I’ve come to learn that in some situations you can just push through it and that works best, but I also needed to make time to taking a break and refocusing.

My second biggest challenge with blogging is having some type of support.

When I first started blogging, there many people in my life who pushed me and supported me. Then as I got more into blogging I felt that support waiver. I felt self doubt with whether or not I should keep going on with this journey because I thought, if the people who encouraged me to start blogging   won’t read my post, who will? But then I remind myself that as much as I’d like for others to read my material, blogging is more so for me. It’s almost like my journal, that’s helps me measure my progress in life and helps me reflects on different events and experiences. By placing so much expectation on the support I so desperately wanted I was placing pressure on myself. I am not a big fan of begging for support, I feel if people wanted to support you, they will. But I can’t make them like my content, it’s out of my control. So how do I overcome the desperate want for support? I remember that I started blogging for me, to help me find who I am and center myself. That even if one person reads my blogs and finds comfort from them, then I have done what I wanted to accomplish! Besides, having the support of my mom and my siblings is the best blessing I could ever have, and it’s more than enough for me.

The last challenge I have with blogging is being consistent.

I’ve also mentioned this before, but posting regularly is sometimes difficult for me. Some days words come very easily for me and there are days where I can’t find the words at all. One of the many things I’ve learned since beginning my blogging journey was to be consistent, regardless of your hopes and goals for your blog, just be consistent. Sometimes  I’m really good and again, sometimes I’m not. So far I’m doing pretty good at posting blogs regularly so I’m going give myself a high-five for that! My solution for being consistent, I remind myself that I committed myself to blogging and posting a blog every Tuesday. I’ve also had received some tips from other bloggers such as prepping my posts ahead of time. So that’s what I’ve done. I just try to find a solution that will work for my situations and adjust it if need be.

Just in case you wanted an inside look from a bloggers point of view. My biggest challenges might not be the same as others but I know in some way you can relate to these challenges. (again, blogger or not) Here’s to another week of blessings for us all❤️

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