this holiday season

5 ways to get ready for this 2020 holiday season

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this holiday season

2020 Holiday Season

It’s almost time for the best time of the year and with that we need to talk about 5 ways to get ready for this 2020 holiday season. While COVID-19 has heavily impacted everyday life this year that doesn’t mean we have to let it impact our 2020 holiday season. This year has been full of adjustments for all of us. And as much as we would’ve preferred to give up, we keep GOING! That in itself is very important. We won’t let COVID disrupt our Holiday Season and this is how we’re going to do it!

1. Map it out

Before we start with all the fun stuff we should map it out! The Holiday’s are crazy as it is, getting organized will help relieve the stress! Here are some things we can start planning and mapping out now!

  • Decorations
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Menu
  • Food/Grocery Shopping List
  • Christmas Gifts List
  • Family Activities

I’m not sure about you but I find that when I break down a big project or condense the work load into smaller steps it’s less daunting. With condensing the craziness of the holidays into smaller jobs helps me avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. You might not need all of these lists and that great! Taking the time to map it out will be very beneficial for you.

2. Black Friday

Before this year I never really cared for Black Friday but this year I am definitely scoping out deals. This year has been full of hardships and trials but I don’t want to let the pandemic overshadow my favorite time of year. With 2020 being a very different year then we are used to it has affected the Black Friday shopping experience. If I do say so myself I like this year’s set up.

With COVID social distancing regulations in place many stores are approaching Black Friday differently. Deals are EVERYWHERE! Amazon has daily Black Friday deals, Walmart’s Online Black Friday deals start November 25, Best Buy has deals going on right now! This is the perfect time to start pricing out and buying your Christmas gifts!

I’ve been back and forth with being an early shopper but also a procrastinator shopper. This year I’ve decided I was going to have my life together and have my shopping done by December. So far so good! I’ve been watching Black Friday Deals to see where I can get the best deal for a MacBook Pro, I’m leaning towards Amazon because of the different options that will fit into my budget.

Gifts big and small are found best during Black Friday deals! Know someone who wants to start a podcast? Gift them a podcast microphone to help them get started! Or maybe they’d enjoy a nice cup of coffee made from a Kuerig? Regardless why wait when you can start your shopping now!

3. Decorating

Another fun part about getting ready for the holiday season is decorating! One of my favorite things I used to do as a child around Christmas time was making paper snowflakes, putting them on a string and then hanging them from the roof. As I get older I’ve come to cling and embrace the magic that can be created by decorating.

From the christmas tree to christmas lights, it’s quite incredible to see how they can lift spirits! With the way this year has been we could definitely use as much uplifting as much as we possibly can! Decorating your house is a great way to bond with your family and toss your worries aside even if for just a moment.

What could you possibly decorate? I got some ideas for you!

  • Christmas Tree (of course)
  • The Front Door (wreaths)
  • Living/Family room (garlands and lights)
  • Accompanied windows (window christmas lights and chrismas window art)
  • Your bedroom (more garlands, lights and maybe even a small tree?)
  • SUGAR COOKIES! (can’t forget about the goodies! Check out these cute cookie cutters you may need!)

However you choose to decorate I hope you do it with big smile on your face with the lots of love in your heart!

4. Christmas Music

Now, what is Christmas without some Christmas music! Like decorating, music has a way of elevating the magic of christmas. It’s probably one of my favorite aspects of christmas. The songs just have a sway over you and just brightens up the day for sure!

My favorite christmas song of all time will always be Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You. I’ve always been a fan and c’mon she’s the queen of Christmas!! I won’t leave you hanging! Here are some of my honorable mention christmas songs

  • Cheetah-licious Christmas – The Cheetah Girls
  • Oh Santa – Mariah Carey
  • Sleigh Ride – Ella Fitzgerald
  • Winter Wonderland – Michael Buble

I’m all about sharing! Here is the perfect party playlist for christmas! To make it even SWEETER, I’m dropping my link for my personal Christmas Playlist on Spotify!

step into christmas with these 5 steps

5. Movies

Last but not least, another good way to get into the holiday’s this season is to watch some christmas movies! Bingeing Christmas movies while eating some popcorn and drinking some hot chocolate sounds pretty amazing!

I watched Jingle Jangle on netflix today and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I’d definitely recommend you give it watch! There are so many movies to get lost in around this time of year but my absolute favorites would be the Harry Potter movies and The Polar Express. Maybe it’s because they have really cool train service? Or it revolves around magic but each year I make sure to watch these movies to help me get into the holiday season.

To help you get your binge watch on I made a list of christmas you can check out here. But to make this even BETTER! I am throwing in a Christmas Movie Watch Checklist! As you watch a christmas movie check it off the list! Will you be able to complete it?

Are you ready to get into the Holiday’s this season?

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! I don’t know what it is about Christmas time but I find myself filled with constant happiness. So sharing this blog post to hopefully get you into the holiday spirit was very important for me! So important that it took me weeks to try and find the words to share how we can all get into the holiday spirit despite this year being a crap show.

If you follow me on Instagram or my blog’s Facebook page I made an announcement this past weekend that I’ve been ecstatic to share! Through some trials and errors, my first ever Printable Christmas Activity Bundle is now available for purchase on etsy! I wanted to be a part of your Christmas this year and I sincerely hope you’ll let me! My Christmas Movie Watch List is included in this bundle! Along with a couple of coloring pages, a word search, a word scramble, a scavenger hunt, a bingo card, a page of love coupons and for a bonus gift the bundle is concluded with a Christmas Gift Tracker to help you stay organized this season!

You’ll be able to purchase this complete bundle right here in my etsy shop! I think it could be a great gift to a family friend even! I hope the holiday’s this season brings us some wonder and love after this very tough 2020! There’s no better way to spend this season with our loved ones, even if it’s over a zoom or FaceTime call! Be safe out there and stay healthy!

christmas activity bundle

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