5 things that make me smile

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It’s no secret that my foot has been on the gas pedal this past month with spreading the message of Black Lives Matter and just some topics I felt that needed to be shared relating to Black history. I wanted to end June and welcome July on a lighter note. So I won’t be doing any lecturing or overloading of information today.

To bring in that lighter vibe I want to share 5 thing that make me smile in hopes that you can find a reason to smile through the chaos of life at the moment. It might be annoying to always find that light at the end of the tunnel but some times it much needed. So here we go!

1. Food

What can I say? I am a FOODIE! You know those people who dance when they see food? Yup, that is definitely me. Food just seems to make things better. Especially when it’s my favorite food! My day always gets better. Food obviously has healing properties.

2. Books

Again, I am an avid reader! One of my favorite things to do and it never fails to make me smile. For me it’s the little sweet moments, the really funny ones, or the awkward parts and even the cringy parts. I enjoy being able to escape my life and dive into a book helps me lift my moods.

3. Kind Gestures

This one is particularly a favorite of mine because so many things can be considered kind gestures. It’s in the thoughtfulness of when someone does something for you. Or when they call or text you to see how you’re doing. It warms my heart and makes me smile because they thought of me.

4. Nature

Nature has a way of knocking you breathless. When it rains in Hawai’i, waterfalls appear on the mountain side and it’s such a beautiful sight to see. You can’t stop yourself from smiling. Or when the sun rises or sets and the sun lights up the sky. The combination of colors flowing across just reminds you that God created all of this. And it remind’s us that we need to take the time to enjoy it.

5. Having A Good Day

This one may sounds a little silly. But during this time, I think having a good day is taking for granted. With so much to worry about and anxiety hovering it fills me up when I have a good day. Working in retail is definitely trying and yes even frustrating but those days where I come home and can honestly say “Yeah, today was a good day” makes me smile because it might not be the case for others.

We’re keeping short and sweet this week with a really light read. It’s always good to take in the positives of life when it seems there’s a nerve ending list of negatives. What are some things that make you smile?

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