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5 things I cannot live without

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Hey everyone! How are y’all doing during these crazy times? Are you self distancing and staying safe? What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy and sane? I am doing fairly well. I’m self distancing as well, I find myself constantly eating to give myself something to do and I’ve lost sense of time. My sleeping schedules has been off, sometimes I get a little bored but I am alive and I grateful for that. With most of us being at home I thought why not go ahead and drop a blog post and maybe give you some reading material. 

Today’s blog post will be about the 5 things I cannot live without. So let’s dive in! 

1) God. I cannot live without God and cannot even imagine my life without Him. I’ve mentioned this before but where anyone else could fail me, God is always there to provide for me. His comfort knows no bounds in my life. Even when I forget, I’m reminded that as a daughter of God I am never alone and always loved. With my daily scripture readings and my prayers I can continue to strengthen my relationship with Him.

2) My Family. As crazy as they’re are and often times make me feel like I’m going insane, I could not live without them. There was a reason why I was placed specifically in this family and it’s most likely because I tend to balance out their craziness. Without my siblings life would be boring, without my mom I’d be surely lost, and without my nephews I’d never know the bounds of love I could have for another human being. 

3) FOOD. Obviously food because I like to eat.. All the time. Nessa living in a world without food is absolutely unfathomable. My necessities include chocolate covered strawberries. They are my absolute favorite and I NEED them to survive. Pizza, pasta, laulau, garlic shrimp, chicken parm and the list could go on and on, but I’d definitely need all my favorite foods. 

4) Football. While I do enjoy watching other sports. Football (American football that is) is my absolute favorite sport to watch and I need it! Football season is my favorite season and I have major withdrawals when football season is over. There’s just something about being surrounded by some of your favorite people, eating some good food and watching your favorite team play. I live for those days and cannot wait to host my own football Sunday parties! 

5) BOOKS. Whether it’s a physical copy or a kindle, I need my books. I can go without watching tv but my books are off limits. Being able to jump into the world of books let’s me escape the world for a bit. I can live vicariously through these different books and “experience” life. Reading books is my happy place. If you were ever to find me there’s a 99% you will find me reading. It’s my way of winding down and relaxing. Finding good books are life changing and it’s literally the best. I highly recommend picking up a book or two during this time of self distancing! 

What are some things that you cannot live without?? Share them with me! I’d love to hear for you. As always, stay safe! Sending you lots of love!! Thank you for your continue support❤️



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