5 items to jump start your holiday shopping with Amazon Prime day

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Happy Prime day!! Let’s jump start your holiday with amazon prime day! I will be sharing 5 of my favorite items currently on sale. I am a huge lover of deals so these items I’m sharing today are all under $100! So, with these 5 items to jump start your holiday shopping with Amazon Prime day!

1. 3 in 1 1.5 qt slow cooker

3 in 1 slow cooker

For all my cookers and all my party hosts I saw this 3 in one slow cooker and thought it was something to share! How SWEET is this combo! You can have 3 different dishes cooking or warming at one time! This would be wonderful to have for family dinners and parties this holiday season.

2. Ice maker

Ice maker
Ice maker

If you’re on tiktok, you’ll know an Ice maker is all the rage nowadays. If you love crushed ice or peppled ice investing in an ice maker might be worth your time. I love having cold drinks so an ice maker is PERFECT! It’s also quite useful when I make boba and need smaller pieces of ice. I’d definitely recommend an ice maker for my ice lovers.

3. Charcutier Board

Characuterie Board

Join the charcutier board wave! Again, this is perfect for hosting parties or get togethers. It’s super cute and fun. There’s so many options of snacks and treats that can be used for these boards. Best part about this particular board is it’s made by a small business!

4. Hot Pot

Do you love Korean BBQ as much as my family and I? If you do the Hot pot is definitely for YOU! Why spend the night out when you can stay in and enjoy a nice dinner. This would be great for entertaining friends and it would be a great interactive dinner for children.

5. Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire 8HD
Kindle fire 8 hd

Of course I had to throw this one in! For all my readers and book lovers this kindle fire is an AMAZING gift. It’s the perfect time to snatch this kindle up with a sweet deal! You can never go wrong with gifting a tablet.

Happy shopping!

All in all there are many deals currently going on you will definitely check out. It’s a great time to use these 5 items to jump start your holiday shopping with amazon prime day! Ps. not only do they make great gifts for others but they make good treat yourself gifts!

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