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5 books on my to- read list

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It’s blog day and it’s been a few weeks! I’ve been struggling with a bit of writer’s block and I needed to step away to gain some inspiration. I’m excited to share today’s blog because it’s always a good time to talk books. I haven’t really explored this specific genre of books so I’m quite curious to do so with these books I’ve come across.

In my opinion, I consider these books to be of the self motivation/ inspiration genre. Written to inspire personal growth specifically for women. These 5 books caught my interest for a few different reasons.

  1. I cannot recall reading books in this genre.
  2. These books discuss topics that I haven’t personally experienced (i.g. dating)
  3. I want to learn more!

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Relationship Goals – Michael Todd

I first heard about this book from my sissy (shout out to her). She posted about it on twitter and when I saw it I found it interesting and had to take a look at it.

In this book Todd gives us insight and advice on how we can have successful relationships. He also tells us how we can align our relationships with the will of God.

Relationship Goals Book

Relationship Goals Study Guide

The Man God Has For You – Stephan Labossiere

I found this book through an Instagram ad and decided to see what it was about. There are many books that are guides to relationships and what not. What caught my attention particularly about this book was that while it’s subtitled 7 Traits to Help You Determine Your Life Partner, it mentions how to develop these traits in yourself.

The Man God Has For You

Girl Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis

I came across this book one day at Tj Maxx. It looked pretty interesting to me but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I finally decided to look it up and see what it’s about. In this book, Rachel Hollis encourages women to inspire to be more than a mother, a daughter, a wife and so on. Girl, Stop Apologizing is a laid out guide to how to stop making excuses and chase after dreams.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

Girl, Wash Your Face – Rachel Hollis

When I looked up Girl, Stop Apologizing this book popped up as a similar book and I felt the need to check it out. It definitely caught my attention with the title and I wanted to know more about it.

Here again to tell it like it is, Rachel Hollis gets into some real issues. Girl, Wash Your Face gives us the motivation we need to help us stop making excuses and to learn to be confident.

Girl, Wash Your Face

Beautiful Uncertainty – Mandy Hale

I have to admit this book has me super anxious and excited to read. Again, I came across this book while looking up the books by Rachel Hollis. When I saw this book was centered around being secure in being single I knew I had to read this book. There’s always pressure about relationships and marriage and yes it is a goal in the future. I’m pretty content in being single with so much more of life for me to explore, this book will definitely help me in this current phase of my life.

Beautiful Uncertainty helps to find the beauty in waiting.

Beautiful Uncertainty

I cannot wait to dig into these books and I hope a book on my list has caught your attention. Who knows maybe I’ll even do some book reviews and share them! Do you have a book on your To Read list? Share them with me in the comments below!

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