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3 ways to show mom love this Mother’s day

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All about the moms!

Mother’s day is just around the corner so lets talk 3 ways to show mom love this mothers day! We’re going to cover the basics of trying to gift the person in our life that deserves the world. It can be a little frustrating so lets do this together!

1. Quality Time

To be honest my mom is probably sick of spending time with me but it’s the most expensive gift you can give. While yes the pandemic has forced us to be home more, that time you’ve spent with your family when will it happen again? Families are sometimes tough to be around for long periods of time but those good times are some of the best memories to look back on.

I like to spend some quality time with my mom by watching some movies. I got my mom hooked on The Last Kingdom series on Netflix so sometimes we’ll do a movie binge. Recently we started working on puzzles. I found a Harry Potter 1000 piece puzzle at Tj Maxx so we like to watch the Harry Potter Movies while working on the puzzle. It’s so soothing and great for bonding.

Choose an activity to do with your mom and enjoy that time. Our parents aren’t getting any younger so that quality time you give them will mean so much more!

2. Pick out a meaningful gift

Gift giving can be hard because maybe you don’t have a big budget or you don’t particularly know what to give them. Spend time with your mom and find out what she enjoys, what she likes, is there a household items she needs maybe an Airfryer or an InstaPot. What is her favorite perfume? Does she take time for herself? Gift her a trip to the spa for a massage or treat her to get a mani/pedi. I don’t know about you but I LOVE when people associate things with me. For example I love Alabama so an easy gift for me would be anything Alabama football related. Asking these types of questions will not only make gift giving easier but learning who people are at their cores besides having certain relationships with you is important.

My mom loves to journal so some Mother’s Day gifts I think I could get her would be like another writing journal, maybe one of those writing journals with prompts or like the calligraphy pens because I know she’ll like them but also use them. Another option for me could be books, my mom enjoys reading as much as I do so getting her a book on her To Be Read list could be the way to go. Or hey we can go scout out books as Bookstores or second hand shops! A thoughtful gift + quality = GENIUS IDEA!

3. Make her FOOD

The saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” can very much be applied to women. Especially me, I LOVE me some food! But this isn’t about me this is about our beautiful mother figures! So doing something that parents usually do is kind of special! I am not much of a cook so my mom does all of the cooking in our house. So being in the kitchen on Mother’s Day or on her birthday isn’t much of a hardship. While I am pretty apt at making desserts, I can also make some pretty decent breakfast foods. My go to breakfast when I cook will always be Chocolate Chip waffles with a side of bacon.

If you are more adequate than I am in the kitchen making your mom or mother figure one of her favorite foods would be amazing! I’m sure she would appreciate it very much. Let’s also mention that this is literally a perfect gift! Furthermore food also just makes things so much better. You really can’t go wrong with it unless you make her some thing she doesn’t like. Then that’s where things get awkward.. Don’t let things get awkward. Find out her favorite food and MAKE IT FOR HER!

Now if you have limited to no cooking skills.. Go ahead and treat her to an order of food from her favorite restaurant.There’s absolutely no shame in that. The intentions are well placed and that should always be a priority.

Happy Mother’s day

With this short overview on 3 ways to show mom love this mother’s day, I hope you find it most beneficial. While you may not go along with everything outlined the thought is to inspire you to find a great gift for your mom or mother figures. These suggestions are also great for your wife, sisters and your friends! At the end of they day it’s not about how much you spend monetarily or how extravagant it is. It the effort and thoughtfulness that makes the gift that much better! Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama’s out there! I truly wish you a great and relaxing day!

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