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3 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day

It’s the holiday to celebrate love and here are 3 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single! Now I know you’re probably wondering “Nessa, why would you want to celebrate Valentine’s day when you’re single?” While that is an excellent question the answer is quite simple! Valentine’s day is associated with the love of a significant other, a lover, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But we fail to recognize that Valentine’s day can be celebrated as friends, as an individual or even with parents and children. The holiday is dedicated to celebrating love but it shouldn’t dictate who you celebrate it with. Let’s go ahead and jump into 3 ways to celebrate Valentine’s day when you’re single.

#1- Celebrate Valetine’s day by pampering yourself

Although I am VERY single (I’m kind of looking but it’s hard out here especially during this pandemic but if you have someone for me send them way! Please and thank you! Now where was I? Besides hoping one day to experience Valentine’s day with a significant other (really soon) I think of valentine’s day as a good way to practice self love.

Go ahead and treat yourself with a trip to the spa. Maybe even go to get a mani/pedi. Spend time doing what you love and makes you feel good! Buy yourself a treat why wait for someone else to do it for you? Or try something new like a Sip and Paint. Practicing these habits will help you develop a standard for future the future holiday. Now I am not saying go spend all your money or to rely on materialistic things to bring you happiness but the intention behind it.

#2- Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner and a movie

This one is probably one of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day but a dinner and a movie! And with celebrating the love filled day you don’t even have to watch a romance movie. You can watch any movie you want! I’d highly suggest eating one of your favorite dinners and choose a favorite movie to watch and enjoy it. There’s nothing quite like a quiet night in.

I’ll be enjoying some chocolate covered strawberries while watching my all time favorite movie in the world, Cinderella (1997), that is now streaming on Disney+. If you haven’t seen it you DEFINITELY NEED TO! It’s an amazing movie and perfect for Valentine’s day. You guy’s already know I am a hopeless romantic so my movie marathon will be filled with romance movies but that’s just me! Enjoy any movie you want to! Regardless of the movies you watch order some take out, cook your favorite dinner, snack on your favorite treats and relax with a good move!

#3- Celebrate Valentine’s Day with those you LOVE!

Now this one might be a little more difficult if you live away from some of your favorite people that you love. That’s what make modern technology so beautiful! FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or any type of video calling can help you get in touch with them without physically being with them with the pandemic guidelines! You can even take advantage of the watch party feature on Netflix. You can watch Netflix movies or shows with your family and friend separated by distance!

If you live with them make a cute little breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Have a karaoke party with songs on Youtube! You can even make cute little heart notes and “heart attack” someone you think who in need of a reminder that they are loved. However you choose to spend the time with your favorite people take the time to embrace the moment. Live in that moment of love and happiness and enjoy it.

Always choose LOVE!

Regardless if you love or hate Valentine’s day you can enjoy the holiday by celebrating it in anyway you may want to! Society may push the narrative that you can’t celebrate Valentine’s day when you’re single but that is so outdated! If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family, your friends, your kids or even just by yourself do it! Because this holiday is for love and anyone who wants to celebrate it! Being single should not hinder you from celebrating Valentine’s day it should empower you to express your love to those in your life but more importantly to yourself. No big gesture needed there is beauty in simplicity. Dinner and a movie, breakfast with the family or a spa day enjoy Valentine’s day and the celebration of love!

Happy Valentine’s day to you all! ❤

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