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3 very important lessons I learned from 2020

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What a year!?!

This year has definitely been one for the books, so lets talk about the 3 very important lessons I learned from 2020. I won’t even lie I wasn’t sure how we were going get through this year with the pandemic taking center stage. I definitely thought the world was going to end with the fires, floods and earthquakes but we SURVIVED! Maybe we barely survived with our heads about water but we DID survive and we should celebrate that!

Lesson #1: Don’t ignore your own potential

Don’t ignore your own potential has had my head in a whirlwind. With mandatory lock down dominating most of the year I’m sure you realized just how much of your own potential you were ignoring. If you’re asking yourself “Nessa, what potential are you talking about?” I’ll tell you what I’m talking about. Did you have a moment where you were able to sit down and think of what you could do with your time? Whether it was painting your nails, writing in your journal or reading a book? Was there a moment you had this sudden realization that with this time you now have on your hands you could do something you’ve always wanted to do or something you’ve been putting off? I’m talking about the potential to be more.

I’ve let myself down by slacking on some goals I’ve wanted to achieve but especially not living up to my potential. I realized that I am more than my current job. As flexible and accommodating as they are, I am more than this job. I am more than just working and coming home and repeating the cycle. 2020 has showed me that I am a capable of living my life to the fullest and I should be doing so.

Lesson #2: Stop waiting for that “perfect moment”

A hard pill to swallow? There’s never going to be a “perfect moment”. Going into this new year we should take into account that we need to STOP seeking this nonexistent perfect time or moment. It’s something we have to create it won’t just happen for us. Take control and stop waiting! I think it’s imperative for us to live in the NOW and DO IT! Why do we need to wait and risk the possibility of completely missing the opportunity?

I am definitely guilty of “waiting for that perfect moment” to do this or that. All the while I miss it entirely because I waited too long and now all I’m left with is regrets. The broken records of “I should’ve did this” or “I wish I did that” is played om a loop in the back of my mind taunting me. Why? Instead of making that moment or time perfect for me, I waited for the right time to do it and then I lost out on the chance. But 2021 is going to be different because I’m not going to wait anymore.

Lesson #3: Disconnecting from certain people can BLESS your life.

Lesson #3 is probably my favorite lesson. As an adult I came to the conclusion that not everyone in your life is meant to be with you on your journey. It’s totally okay and normal that as you grow and progress your circle will change as you do. Truth is that some people are holding you back and it is essential to cut them off! The truth will hurt but it’s also necessary to understand that people in out lives sometimes have seasons. Season’s where they are better off sitting out on your journey.

2021 is for surrounding ourselves with people who keep us grounded, people who will tell us what we need to hear instead of what we want to hear. People who help us progress and help us to be better. Most of all those who love us unconditional love. We have NO TIME for unsupportive family and friends!

People we’re leaving in 2020!

  • Toxic family members and friends
  • Negative minded people
  • Stagnant people
  • Those who refuse to be accountable
  • People who pick and choose when they want to a part of your life
  • Drama driven people
  • people who defend abusers

2021 focus

For me personally I do not have the time or patience for those who fall on the list above. Thiis coming year is all about FOCUS and I no longer need any of the distractions these types of people may bring.

2021 is going to be a year of more life clarity, embracing and creating new opportunities and getting out of our comfort zones. 2021 is our year for BETTER. We’re kicking butts and taking names.

That’s a wrap 2020

2020 you’ve definitely kicked my butt, knocked me down and frustrated me to no ends. You’ve also re-centered me to focus on what was most important to me. I struggled through some challenges I never thought I had to face. There were times I thought for sure I was going to be down for the count. Yet I am still here. For that I express my love for Heavenly Father for continually blessing me and pulling me through this year.

With the uncertainty of this entire year, the impact of the pandemic and the natural disasters that ravaged throughout the different parts of the world. From health issues arising, the loss of a great friend (Love you forever Tesa), dealing with being emotionally unstable and experiencing burnout. I made it through a crazy year. I know that I am very fortunate to have done so.

With that I say “see you later 2020!”

Thank you my faithful readers for sticking with me thus far! Definitely going to kick it up a notch 2021! Be safe out there! Don’t forget to self care!

With lot’s of love – Ness

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