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3 reasons + Why you should listen to the Pretty Big Deal podcast

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I was introduced to listening to podcasts about a year or ago from one of my really good friends and I just so happened to come across Ashley Graham’s Instagram account announcing she had a podcast. I don’t listen to very many but after listening to the Pretty Big Deal Podcast it became one of my favorites.

Each episode Ashley Graham sits down with some new and some old friends and they discuss many different topics. I’ve mentioned this before, every time I share this podcast on my Instagram account, but I learn something new with each guest. There’s always something that resonates within my mind that makes me think “you know what, yeah I totally agree with that” or  “I actually love that piece of advice.”

Another aspect that I absolutely love is the realness and non filtered topics discussions that take place. Growing up I was taught we couldn’t talk about certain things for this reason or that reason, but as an adult that approach sometimes feels like it does more harm than good. How are we supposed to be informed and make informed decisions when we aren’t allowed to talk about topics like sex, rape, pregnancy, birth control, periods, and other such topics that are deemed “taboo”.

I had a coworker who told me she felt that there shouldn’t be such things as “taboo topics” because these are important aspects of life and life events. How can we invite people to open up if we’re not offering them a safe space to be comfortable enough to express their feelings and to ask questions.

This is what I love so much about the Pretty Big Deal Podcast, you have celebrities and athletes who share things on very personal levels and the gap of celebrity status is closed because we know that they’re just as human as we are. That they go through normal troubles just like we do. It wraps me in a comfort that lets me know I am not the only one who suffers through hardships and in these experiences shared we have advice on how to handle these situations.

Now that my spiel is over, I’d like to share a few reasons why you should listen to this podcasts.

1) It speaks about relevance. Life experiences. Many different walks of life yet again although they may be  professional athletes, musicians, actors, fashions icons and such they go through similar hardships. They become relatable even though we feel they’re on this other level because of what they do or how they live there lives. We might think that they don’t understand our troubles but we tend to forget they’re normal human beings just like us.

2) Unfiltered. No red tape. No boundaries. Just open and honest discussions about different aspects of life. In a lot of episodes we hear about the come up stories of a lot of these celebrities. Not all of their stories are cupcakes and sprinkles. The discussions get down to the nitty gritty of things and shows us behind the scenes. The good, the bad and ugly. A little sprinkle of truth never hurts. I love that I can learn things in a different light because of the knowledge that was shed openly. There’s no room for misinterpretation because it’s said in such a crystal clear way.

3) Inspiring. Obviously I’m always looking for inspiration but this podcast is literally filled with gems that I know others will feel motivated from but also find inspiring. With these guest having different lives they offer advice based off of what they experienced, what they’ve seen and learned, but also on things they wished they knew. One of my favorite questions Ashley asks many of her guest is “What advice would you give to the young people listening?” They answers given are not only inspiring but some are unexpected. Things we often over look in life can have such an impact. We often equate success to no sleep, constantly moving, constantly being busy and just the bigger and better. But the inspiring things are the self care routines, the self confidence and taking the time to rest the body and mind. Those are the important keys to achieving our goals and success.

If you are interested in any of these things or all of them I highly, highly suggest taking a listen to this podcast. I’ll even do you a solid and share with you some of my favorite episodes!

– Episode 2 Gabrielle Union

– Episode 5 Halima Aden

– Episode 7 Lindsey Vonn

– Episode 8 Serena Williams

– Episode 12 Emily Ratajkowski

– Episode 16 Arianna Huffington

– Episode 10 Sophia Bush

If you’re a podcast listener and have any recommendations please feel free to send them my way! If you take the time to listen to any of these episodes please go ahead and let me know your thoughts!! Nothing but love for you! – Ness❤️

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