2021: 5 habits I’d like to develop this year

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Habits over a New Year resolution

Last year I told myself that I would work on 5 habit’s I’d like to develop this year over making a New Year resolution. I decided to do habits over a resolution because I knew I was not going to fully commit to trying to accomplish a resolution. With that being said I needed another way to achieve goals without it being a “resolution” and that’s where the mentality of “habits” came in.

I realized with habits it’s not as daunting as a resolution. Habits are very much the smaller and finer details in each of your goals. You start with creating a habit, the habit becomes a routine and the routine translates to achieving your goals. Why? because you have fine tuned the smaller details that help you accomplish your goals. Here are my 5 habits I’d like to develop.

Habit #1- Prioritizing Harmony over Balancing

This first habit I want to develop, I feel is overlooked yet very important; Prioritizing Harmony over Balancing. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Nessa, what do you mean?” I mean in life. I always thought life was about being able to balance every aspect of your life successfully. Until I listened to an episode of Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal Podcast that informed me of a new way to seeing life.

When we hear the word balance it implies that one will be over the other like on a scale. Furthermore when we hear the word harmony it implies a togetherness where each has an equal value. Scooter Braun is the guest in this episode and while the context of this topic was in relations to a work life and a family life. We can take it a step further and make generalized in which every aspect of your life should be in sync and in harmony.

It’s not just enough to have you mental health exceeding but your spiritual health or physical is out of tune. They all must be somewhat in unity for you to find that peace within yourself. This does not mean you are in a bad position if you’re not yet together it just means it requires a little more organizing. Take the time to add resting into your schedule, taking a walk, meditating whatever it is you need to do make your life more harmonious schedule it into your day like a doctor’s appointment. Make the time for them.

Don't ignore your own potential.

Habit #2 – Being more aware of my own Potential

As I mentioned in last weeks post about lessons I learned from 2020, Being more aware of my own potential resonated heavily for me. 2020 gave me the opportunity and time I needed to re-evaluate my life to see where it is I need to improve on. I’ll admit sitting down to evaluate my life was something I definitely did not want to do for the sole reason of admitting my faults. One being ignoring my own potential and with that directly ignoring goals I’ve set for myself.

Being able to admit my faults and realize that I’ve become stagnant in certain areas of my life have helped me refocus my attention on the parts I need to work on. Several ways I can help myself build this habit is to stop compromising my life goals and choices. Each year I go back and forth with putting myself and my needs before those in my life. Learning that I have to accept that I’ll need to start putting my foot down and knowing that there will be times that putting myself first is necessary. Living “unapologetically me” means in the literal sense to not apologize for being me and prioritizing me first.

You might need to hear this as much as I need to remind myself but stop letting yourself down! 2021 is all about focus, striving for better and creating more opportunities. Let’s cut out the noise and minimize the distractions to make the most of 2021.

Life Quote

Habit #3 – Braving the storms

2020 brought all types of storms and that’s why habit number three is learning to brave the storms. Some storms so overwhelming and disruptive I felt they were going to overtake me. I strongly believe that accepting that life isn’t perfect and smooth sailing is beneficial to accepting that lIfe happens.

We cannot control everything in life. However we do have the power to control our reactions. Accepting and anticipating trials and bumps in the road makes those hard times less daunting.

“Storms bring rainbows but they also clean paths.”

Habit #4- Be consistent

Habit number four to develop is a big one for me; be consistent! In everything that I do this year building a habit to be consistent will successfully achieve my goals. A good work ethic includes being consistent, showing up, being present and putting in the work.

This year I am determined to take my blog to another level. Building my blog platform and expanding it means that I will need to be consistent, be active and to engage. The great thing about this is it can be achieved in small doses. Designating time work on blog content, making time for sending out newsletters and most importantly engaging with my audience daily. Overall being consistent is a great habit to develop that can apply to all aspects of life.

Habit #5 – Be productive

The last habit to develop is also imperative; be productive. Being productive goes hand-in-hand with being consistent. It’s more than just being “busy.” You can be busy but that busyness does not always translate into being “productive.” For example I like to say “I’m busy” but in reality I’m lounging around reading some books. While reading is relaxing to me and a very important hobby for me, it will not help me achieve my goals in life.

Turning the tables if I just do something each day that will contribute to my achieving my goals, I know that I am doing something productive that will help me in the long run. With 2021 being my year to buckle down on building my blog, I can be productive by scheduling time to plot blog content and ideas. Networking to collaborate with other creatives whether it’s blog features or doing photo shoots. Being productive to me means that I am investing in myself, believing in my goals and making the conscious decision each day and putting in the work.

Pedal to the medal

While the goal is for all gas, scheduling breaks will be very necessary, to put the pedal to medal this year. I sincerely hope to avoid burnout as all cost. Developing these habit’s on my own pace, with this basic layout will assist me in not being over my head with stress. Accountability will play a major factor in developing these habits. So if you see I’m slacking let me know and hold me accountable!

With sharing my habit’s to develop, I hope they have encouraged you to write down some of your own habit’s to develop or if you’re doing some New Year resolutions those are cool to! Make sure you have a thought out plan or steps to help you achieve each one. Lastly, it is quite beneficial to have an accountability partner to help you stay focused and on track!

This is our year to get our crap together! 2021 is going to be GREAT because we are going to make it great. We’re kicking butt and taking names.

Start today to get your 2021 organized and planned out!

24 year old blogger. Just trying to find my way through this thing called life. Born and raised in Hawai'i.

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