15 cute date ideas

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Tired of the same old dinner and movie date? I’ve put together a list of some ideas to spice up your date nights! (It’s also my wish list for any dates I have in the future.)

  1. Christmas Lights and Hot Cocoa- It’s Christmas time and it’s the perfect time to browse around some Christmas lights with a nice cup of hot cocoa with some whip cream. 
  2. Picnic in a Park- Pack your favorite foods and enjoy a meal in the park. If it’s too cold, be creative use your living room if you have to!
  3. Go Bowling- I’m sure they have deal for date night, go bowling for a change.
  4. Karaoke Night- Bring out those singing voices and let loose!
  5. An Act of Service- There are so many opportunities to serve others, why not have a date night serving others? Volunteer to feed the homeless or volunteer at a Children’s home. 
  6. Take a Painting Class- Explore your creative side and make a memory.
  7. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum- Take a step back into history and get lost in another time period.
  8. Plan a Scavenger Hunt- Make it a group date and have some fun. 
  9. Make Dinner Together- Choose a favorite meal and spend time making it together. You could even throw in some dessert if you wanted!
  10. Game Night! – Invite some friends over and have a game night. 
  11. Have A Bonfire- Make some s’mores and enjoy a night under the stars.
  12. Go Ice Skating- A perfect winter date is ice skating!
  13. Attend a Sporting Event- There are games going on all the time, pick a sport event and go support!
  14. Explore a City- Take some time and go exploring a city you don’t particularly know. Who knows what kind of hidden gems you’ll come across.
  15. Horseback Riding- Horses’s are one of the most amazing animals we have, why not take a chance to get to know them!

I hope you found something worth trying on my list and that you have a great time! I can’t wait to experience some of these ideas myself! Don’t ever forget it’s not what you do that matters, it’s the effort and thought that counts! The time spent together is always the best part! Wishing you nothing but fun and amazing date nights. ❤ 

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