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10 ways to win my heart ❤️

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Happy blog day! Week two of self distancing and I finally went out yesterday. It was great to get out but I was a little disheartened at what I saw. The only way we’ll control the spread of the virus is to practice self distancing safely! We cannot do so if we’re doing it half heartedly. I truly hope this pandemic will be over soon, so life will be restored to some type of normalcy. I think it would be a huge breath of relief for all, if things weren’t hanging out in the unknown at the moment. Nevertheless I have a blog post here for you to help take your mind off of the problems of the world. Hopefully this will help you self reflect and maybe help you reevaluate what you look for in your partner! 

  1. Have a love for God??. In looking for a companion in life, a man who has a love and relationship with God is at the top of the list. 
  2. FOOD.??. One way to win my heart is through food. I love food so much and I love to enjoy it. Having my favorites are definitely brownie points (see what I did there?) Let me also add I need to be able to eat with you and not feel self conscious about it.
  3. Adore family as much as I do.?‍?‍?‍? I love my family even when they are crazy and sometimes annoying. They are very important to me and I need my future companion to have that same love as I do. Family game nights are my favorite and I can’t wait to have them! 
  4. Dope sense of humor.???? If you know me, I love to laugh and have a good time. One way to win my heart is to have a dope sense of humor. If we can be silly and goofy together we will never be bored. 
  5. Music?. I love music and to be able to share that love with my spouse would be amazing. He can be the melody of the song that coincides with the words of my heart. 
  6. Book love? This one is pretty big. I need a man who won’t get jealous of my book boyfriends. Who will help me build the shelves to my library but also always indulge in my book buying. What can I say, I’m trying to have a personal library. 
  7. Disney movies?. Sometimes I get into moods where I just want to watch Disney music and have a sing-a-long. I need a hubby who will appreciate Disney movies with me. I can be the muses while he can be Hercules. At that point I will happily admit I am in love. 
  8. Movie references? My family knows I love to break out into random one liners from movies. If you can match my energy and enjoy these movie references my heart will be yours. 
  9. Have a genuine heart?. Having a genuine heart is a big deal for me because it often translates into actions. When you offer to help someone or do service I know you’re not doing it just because it’s what is expected or because you want credit. With a genuine heart I will know that you do it because you care and it’s something you want to do no strings attached.
  10. Relish in the moment????‍♂️. To win my heart, being able to relish in the moment is a good start. We’ll have the serious times, the hard times, the fun times and the good times but to truly sit down and enjoy the silence is attractive. It’s very appealing to me for a guy to be able to meditate with me and just block out the world enough to revel in just the two of us. Quality time is definitely a must! 

So, if you happen to any single guys who match up send them my way please! Ahaha just kidding. But as much as I am looking for these traits and such in a spouse I am also continually working on myself to posses the same traits. 

Now, I want to know what are some of the ways to your heart? 

Sending y’all love and light through this self distancing/ quarantining/ and isolation time. 


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