• all things books

    5 books on my to- read list

    It’s blog day and it’s been a few weeks! I’ve been struggling with a bit of writer’s block and I needed to step away to gain some inspiration. I’m excited to share today’s blog because it’s always a good time…

  • life

    5 things that make me smile

    It’s no secret that my foot has been on the gas pedal this past month with spreading the message of Black Lives Matter and just some topics I felt that needed to be shared relating to Black history. I wanted…

  • college life

    College + Dating

    Hey guys! I’m super excited to share share this blog post. I’ve been wanting to share more about college and the college experience. What better way to start this series of blog post with the topic of dating! Unfortunately, I’ve…

  • My life

    10 ways to win my heart ❤️

    Happy blog day! Week two of self distancing and I finally went out yesterday. It was great to get out but I was a little disheartened at what I saw. The only way we’ll control the spread of the virus…

  • My life

    The Power of Prayer

    Prayer. Often times we can never accept that a small prayer can make a worlds difference in any given situation. We struggle with the answer to our problems being “to pray about it”. Sometimes we struggle with feeling “worthy” of…

  • blogging,  My life

    My reasons for blogging

    Often times I get asked the question “why did you start blogging?” I’ve shared this multiple times on my Instagram that it started with two of my younger cousins. Any time I could visit with them they’d ask me countless…

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