letters to my future husband

Letter #7

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 I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve written a letter to you. I’ve seriously been slacking! While I was watching the FIFA World Cup Games this past tournament, I couldn’t help but think how great an opportunity it would be to experience the atmosphere as a family. I’d like for us to make it a goal to take all of our kids to experience at least one World Cup game. It would be so much fun and I know it would be a great memory not only for the kids but you and I as well.

Can we also implement mandatory sunday dinners? I love that idea of a set time for our family to be able to bond and enjoy the time together over some food. I really like the idea, I got it from watching Blue Bloods lol

I still haven’t run into yet and it’s already August 2018. If I’m being honest I’m not actually seeking you out or looking for you. I’m just chillin’ lol I’ve come such a long way with being comfortable with myself and being comfortable in the company of others I hope you’ll be proud of me. One day I’ll tell you the story from the beginning but until then just know, I’m doing good. Just waiting on you♥

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