letters to my future husband

Letter #4

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So, we now know that the Warriors were able to take the NBA championships. I just had a random thought of, if I’ve passed you in the grocery store or if I grew up with you or something. Kinda weird I know, but I’m anxious to see how we come together. School is starting soon. I’m a little nervous, I keep stressing about if i’ll have enough money to pay all my bills, going to school full time, working and getting a decent amount of sleep. I know times are gonna be hard and super tight with money, but I pray God will continue to bless me in the sense that I will always be okay no matter what happens and what problems come my way. I live in a college town lol so you know how that goes. The streets are busy and people are continually coming and going from the apartment building.

     I feel a bit of pressure. There are so many things expected of me and just thinking about them give me anxiety. I know I will do my best and all I can to get myself to the place I see myself at. I guess writing you helps my nerves. I believe in God’s timing but I also believe I have to put in some work as well. It’s really weird being out on my own. I’m about to live with a couple of strangers lol. I have definitely noticed how much I have grown over the past 10 months. But I am still amazed at how far I have come. I hope I have made you proud of how out of my comfort zone I have ventured. I am one step closer to running into you! Hope all is going well with you, ♥

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